The Pregnancy Partners: Blokes, Babies and You

by Jenna McCafee

As moms-to-be (or those still trying to become one), there are a few basics that we would love to have from our partners. Learn how you can achieve these goals as you meet the Pregnancy Partners -- our "Blokes, Babies, and You" team! These guys came together initially to produce the phenomenal "Being Dad" DVD.

• Be supportive, interested, and "engaged" in the process of becoming parents from the point of conception (and even before). In fact, as an added bonus, you can download these two ebooks to get even more information! There is A Diary From the Womb, as well as the Being Dad Pregnancy Guidebook. Download them today!

• Become educated on being the best birth partners possible! This should begin in early pregnancy.

• Recognize that we want much more than a sperm donor. We want them to be a great dad!

The film is all about dads helping dads learn how to be involved and supportive, be the best birth partner you could hope for and ultimately a great dad. "Being Dad" features dads and experts from across the U.S. telling you the secrets to having a happy birth. Becoming a parent should be one of the best days of your lives and helping him to help you is a great start! They now are available to all of our members offering you tips, suggestions, and information from the trying to conceive stage, through pregnancy, labor and beyond.

We both "officially" become parents upon learning of that positive pregnancy test result. From that point on, we are truly partners in this adventure known as parenting. The problem? Many dads-to-be have no clue what that means or where to start. Think about it! There are all sorts of websites, books, magazines that let women know what to expect regarding their body, their emotions, the baby but the resources on "expectant fathers" has been fairly scarce.

Birth can be happy, perhaps not every minute. It's also a lot of work. It's emotional. It's spiritual. It's physical. But it can be fun -- come on, you're having a baby! How cool and amazing! Technically, the two of you are the real "pregnancy partners."

Ready to dive in and meet the "Blokes?" Learn more on the following pages through their informative articles, "to the point" videos, and even submit your own questions to the guys for solutions to help encourage your own dad-to-be!


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