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- Brown, Michele, OB/GN. (March 7, 2011) Color me safely: Hair dyes in pregnancy.

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Hi Ashley!

Welcome to and congratulations on your pregnancy! We're really happy to have you and to have your feedback. I did bring it to the attention of our author and we changed "You can't color your hair during pregnancy because..." to "You might not want to color your hair during pregnancy because..."

You are correct that there are some alternatives that are considered safer during pregnancy as the article we link to -- "Dying For A Change: Hair Color and Your Pregnancy" also points out.

That said, many physicians *do* continue to urge caution for any chemical dye (vs. some natural alternatives), particularly during the first trimester as the baby goes through important neurological development. There is medical evidence of chemical dyes seeping into the bloodstream as it can be found present in urine samples.

You may want to read Dr. Michelle Brown, OB/GYN's article (one of our cited resources): Color Me Safely: Hair Dyes In Pregnancy... particularly the section on the different types of risk involved for the various types of dyes. I was personally surprised about the toxicity of temporary dyes, (including semi-permanent ones), being considered greater than permanent dyes today.

I know that many women do dye their hair during pregnancy and that most have no issues nor do their little ones. I have good friends that are stylists as well -- including one that owns her own salon. Still, while the risk may be considered smaller than some others, when it is within our (general) control to reduce or eliminate a risk for our babies, we want to share that with you.

Best wishes!

The part about coloring your hair isn't true. I'm going to cosmetology school and am 2 months pregnant. A big debate we recently had was that you can color your hair during pregnancy as long as you use the right kind of product. There are no dangers to the baby and the chemicals don't seep into your bloodstream. A "demi-permanent" coloring is something that can be used.. not a permanent color.