Perks of being pregnant

by Jovanna Acevedo Quesada

Pregnancy PerksCertain things about pregnancy can put a damper on your enthusiasm.

We all know how camping out in the bathroom isn't much fun. Neither is collapsing in exhaustion on the couch. If you're finding that you're swimming in the sea of queasy more than the ocean of joy, it's hard to imagine there are perks to being pregnant.

Everyone has their own list of perks that go along with having a baby bump. These are some of our favorites "bonuses" we've gathered up from our own experiences. See if any are on your list!

Pregnancy perks

Enlisting your partner to pick up the slack: You have a nine months-long permit to pamper yourself. Take up the offer to watch rest of the kids or finish dinner while you go soak for an hour in the tub to relieve those pregnancy aches and pain, of course.

Giving yourself permission to have extra treats: As long as these "treats" are in moderation (meaning don't eat a whole bag of cookies), it's one of the advantages of being pregnant. While it's not a great idea to overeat or binge, you can allow a special bonus once in a while.

The ponytail is your new best friend: Who says you can't wear a pony tail all the time? Certainly not us. Not only does it present your "youthful side," but saves time when being a toilet buddy during "morning" sickness.

Sneaking a snooze: What can be more delicious than a nap? You can get away with taking a lot more of them throughout the day when you're pregnant. If you're not showing yet, you may not want to use this perk at work until after you've announced your pregnancy.

Wearing yoga or lounge pants! The invention of this clothing is a gift from the universe. Top the pants off with a tank top and you have comfort perfection. Perk: You don't have to suck in your gut -- you have a beautiful bump to show off! If your wardrobe needs an expansion, take advantage of the next pregnancy perk.

Treating yourself to new clothes: It doesn't matter if you've got an entire closet full of fabulous clothes, they aren't going to do you much good the next few months. Go ahead! Indulge yourself in a guilt-free trip to the mall.

Pulling the "I can't; I'm pregnant" card: Go ahead and use it when your husband announces that he needs help with that home improvement project that you wanted done. You can also use this perk for cutting in line, or avoiding that drama-filled family gathering. Pregnancy always gives you the perfect out.

Getting rid of kitty litter duty: There really is a medical reason to avoid that pile of yuck. Plus, who wants to deal with the icky mess? This is a big perk!

Parking closer to the store: Some shopping centers and stores even have special areas set aside for you if you're pregnant or a new mom. They'll be spots close to the store marked with a sign that says, "Pregnant Mothers Parking." How cool is that?

Getting away with not dying your hair: It's that I can't; I'm pregnant" card again. You might not want to color your hair during pregnancy because the chemicals could seep into your blood stream and that's not something you want to have happen. There are natural and safe alternatives for hair care during your pregnancy.

Friends and strangers lend a hand: For the next few months, you'll pleasantly receive a number of random acts of kindness from friends and even complete strangers. Who wouldn't hold the door open for a pregnant woman or allow her the last seat on the bus or train?

What are your favorite pregnancy perks? Point them out in the comments!

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