Maternity Wardrobe for the Between Weeks

by Staff Maternity wear basicsGet up in the morning, jump into a pair of jeans and by afternoon it's two sizes too small! During these in between weeks of pregnancy (anywhere from 8 weeks to 20 weeks) many women notice that by the end of the day their belly has expanded outward. What's the mom-to-be to do?

Dressing during the dreaded between time -- too small for maternity clothing, too large for your regular clothes -- can cause a fashion emergency. Large t-shirts and sweat pants are fine for around the house, but work and social situations can present more of a challenge.

Here are some transition ideas to get you through the next few weeks:

  • Buy a skirt and a pair of pants in the next size up. Choosing a neutral color and matching up with a variety of tops will help hide the fact that you're wearing the same clothes day after day.

  • Take advantage of elasticized waistlines or wear stretch pre-maternity clothing to postpone the need for maternity clothes.

  • The rubber band trick -- you might have used this in your early teens. It still works! Hook one end of a rubber band around the button or snap on your skirt or pants. Run the other end through the button hole and hook with the first end. The result is a larger, more comfortable waist and all evidence is covered by that long, loose shirt.

  • Loose shirts and sweaters that reach to the hip. You can draw attention away from your belly with a scarf or necklace.

  • Raid your partner's closet, provided he or she wears a larger size. These new-to-you clothes may be just what you need to expand your wardrobe.

  • Check out maternity jeans. The are available in three types of bands: no band, below the belly, and mid-belly. The first two styles may fit now and all through your pregnancy.

  • Wear maternity panty hose. They have stretchy tops and can be worn throughout your pregnancy.

  • Leave the belts in your closet. They call attention to your expanding waistline and may be uncomfortable.

  • Wear a figure-hiding jacket. A tailored maternity jacket or a loose-fitting non-maternity jacket can dress up most outfits.

The bottom line is that in the coming weeks your belly (and your wardrobe needs) will continue to expand. The good news? It's for an absolutely wonderful purpose -- and that in turn, can help you feel beautiful inside and out! Take time to cherish your ever changing body and know that there will be a time again when maternity wear fades back in your closet and you'll be able to greet both old and new favorites as welcome friends once again!

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