Members Speak Out: Relationship Secrets Revealed

Focus on resolving, not dissolving: "The next time you face a mountain in your marriage focus on the next foothold and the next. Soon enough you'll find yourself over the top and on smooth ground. Unless the problems one of what I call the big three -- abuse, addiction and adultery, I spend my energy looking for a solution, not a way out," Michelle shares.

All relationships goes through rough times. Have you found the perfect something to smooth problems out?


Life is busy. Life with kids -- "busy" goes off the charts! It is ever more important then to MAKE time for one another. It doesn't even take huge blocks of time. Set the alarm 5 minutes early to cuddle together before starting the day. For us, taking a few minutes to pray together each day is of deep value. If it is not practical for you to meet for lunch, arrange a break to give a quick call. Still can't connect? Leave a voicemail just to say "I'm thinking of you." Set aside time after kids go to bed, to turn off (the computer, the tv, the phone) and tune in -- to one another!

Also -- remember, all of this may not be possible each and every day. Capture those moments you can though and strive again each new day.

I would also suggest to be the first person to say sorry and not to bring up past arguments!