Members Speak Out: Best Ways to Cure "Ouchies"

by Staff

little boy checking his band-aidAs our tiny tots enter toddlerhood, they become walking bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches. The miracle cure can be as simple as a little magic from mom and dad that makes everything all better.

Bandages are often touted as the cure-all for kids' "ouchies." For the anniversary of the Band-Aid®'s invention, we invited our members to share their remedies that work best on their wee ones' "ouchies."

Our member poll reveals that:

  • 81% of our kids prefer a hug or kiss
  • 13% of our kids are cured by a bandage
  • 3% of our kids need a toy or treat to help them feel better
  • 3% of our kids have their own cure-all

Here's what our members shared for their tried-and-true remedies:

"I have five kids and five different personalities so this poll was hard for me. I think for a quick scrape or bump the "hug and kiss" method works great. But when my daughter was a toddler only a Band-Aid7reg; would do. She wouldn't wear it on her 'boo-boo' though. She'd wear it on her shirt!" ~Christina aka carg0612

"My son HATES bandages, he won't wear one even if he needs it. I think it reminds him of his stay at the hospital. Me picking him up and giving him a hug is what works." ~Vicki aka VixB

"Kisses. Even if it's really major I get 'momma kiss it better please.' I have magical kiss powers!" ~Sarah aka rubber_da_glove

"Used to be Band-Aid®s, now an ice pack will do the trick every time!" ~indianajones

"A kiss on the 'owie.' Then she asks for a Band-Aid®, which she only gets if it's bleeding. She even asks for a kiss on her bummie when it hurts, and then giggles, the silly girl" ~Lesli aka les27

"The boob." ~alwayssmile

"Most of the time a hug and a kiss cured everything but for a couple of my kids, a bandage was essential for even the tiniest of cuts. It let the world know that they were hurting and could you please throw a little sympathy their way?" ~Jules

"My kids are bandage freaks! Band-Aid®s make everything better for them! ~Rebecca aka feelinfroggie

"Most often it's a combo of kiss/hug and Band-Aid®. However, Eli is allergic to not only latex but the glue on most sticky things such as bandages so I try to divert him from needing one. Dakota insists on a Band-Aid® at the smallest drop of blood. Faith is tough nothing phases her so most of the time it's just a kiss if that." ~Angela aka wishing4agirl

"Kisses! My son spent about 15 minutes one morning finding all kinds of invisible boo-boos for me to kiss." ~Midori_

What's your cure? Add yours in the comments!

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