Members Speak Out: Choosing a Baby Name

"We had a bunch of boy names we liked. We wrote each name on a post it note and put them on the edge of the computer screen. Every time we used the computer we would each pull a name off, the last name left was what we were going to name him. The last name left was Brady Thomas so that is what we named him." ~Kathleen

Endless Lists

I spent time going through baby books and writing down names on little slips of paper when they 'came to me' or I heard them in passing. Once I trapped my husband on a long car trip and we went through a whole baby name book! ~Sandra

"I've always been a big name enthusiast and been keeping a list of names since high school, read birth announcements and obituaries to check out names, name my fictional quintuplets, watch the baby show just to hear the names, etc.... I figured I'd be well prepared when it came to naming my own baby. When I found myself pregnant, I suddenly drew a blank! My name list was reviewed, and ditched for a newer, more realistic name list." ~Shawn

Still Stuck for a Name

"A friend shared her method. This obviously wouldn't work if one of you has a very specific name you're dead set on, or if your tastes are COMPLETELY divergent, but if you're kind of throwing around similar ideas but just can't quite agree, it works wonders! Also of note: The names we were completely at odds over never even showed up on our lists by the time we got to the put-up-or-shut-up stage. Until the gender scan, we each maintained separate lists of names we liked. Once we knew it was a girl, we went to our favorite restaurant and each made a list of our top ten names in no particular order. We then swapped lists and each vetoed five. Then we ranked the remaining names, and the highest ranking match won -- for us that happened to be second on both of our lists, so we were both happy. Everyone can feel good, because it's impartial and nobody has to feel like they 'lost.'" ~Leigh

No matter what method you use, it seems that people will get the name that was "meant to be." You'll find that you and your partner's intuition can guide you on the naming journey! Before you let those lists and rhymes stress you out, let your heart do a little talking, too!

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