Members Speak Out: Halloween Treats and Pregnancy Cravings

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candy cornSweets topped the chart on's "Cravings" survey. We've taken the question a step further and asked which Halloween treat most tempts your palate.

Pregnancy brings out "special cravings." With all those Halloween treats bombarding you in the store for months and now simply E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, which candies are calling your name the loudest? We polled our's pregnant moms and discovered the top four.

"I love CANDY CORN! It's so bad when your preggo, too!" ~Mommyin04060809

Specific Candies How Many Wanted
Those scrumptious "bite sized" chocolate bars 40%
Candy Corn! 16%
Nerds, smarties, something sweet AND sour 15%
Orange & black wrapped taffy 4%
Another candy treat 8%

It's up to you to decide how often and how much you'll indulge in holiday sweets while you're pregnant. Skipping those treats can be tough even without hormones sabotaging your efforts. We've gathered these ideas to help you keep those boundaries and munch in moderation.

  • Freeze it. Pop those post-Halloween goodies in the freezer. Out of sight often means out of mind. Even if you still remember and "need" candy, you'll get more exercise walking to the freezer. Plus frozen candy paces mindless munching.
  • Grapes, strawberries and blueberries straight from the freezer might meet your craving even when candy's handy. Freeze bite size fruit on a cookie sheet, bag it up and bury the candy with this healthier alternative.
  • Buy only what you'll need and purchase close to Halloween.
  • Guilt trip time: Research shows that your baby's taste preferences develop in the womb. If your diet during pregnancy focuses on sweets, your child will also favor sugary foods.
  • Step away from the candy dish. At parties, situate yourself away from candy and sweets. Soon you'll be chatting with a friend and will have forgotten about the goodies you're trying to avoid!
  • Saying "no" to sugar could be saying "no" to yeast infections. Abundant sugar in your diet makes you more susceptible to an itchy yeast infection.

"We wont be getting our candy until later this month. If I get it too soon my husband and I will get into it and the boys will be constantly asking for it." ~kridda_88, member

Help Your Body Deal with the Sugar Rush

"Shameless confession: We reward my daughter for pottying. Well...we keep running out of candy rewards because I can't stop eating the chocolate!" ~RebeccaA'07

Let's be realistic. The odds are that sometime over the holiday season you're probably going to munch some crunchy goodies or enjoying melt-in-your mouth candy. While extra carbohydrates might spike your blood sugar levels and have your wee one bouncing off the womb walls, theses simple steps will have you back to normal in no time.

  • Plan ahead. Will you be a family party and your mom-in-law's fudge can't be ignored? Eat a healthy snack first. One with protein and a complex carbohydrate will help balance that bundle of sugar.
  • Take a hike. Taking a nice long walk after a candy binge improves blood glucose levels. Eat 'em and burn 'em. Those of you dealing with diabetes during pregnancy may have received this same advice.
  • Play! 30 minutes of activity either in the backyard with the kids or perhaps the preferred "athletic" activity in bed can up your endorphins, burn those calories and lower blood sugar levels.
  • Cook your favorite healthy meals. You'll feel pampered, satisfied and be less apt to cave to temptation. But if you do, you've set the stage for less "sugar drama" with healthy foods pumping through your body.

Halloween (or any other time) treats are generally okay in moderation. While the candy manufacturers may mourn our advice, the best defense you against binging is to keep walking past those massive candy displays. Wait until the "day of" to buy snacks for trick or treaters and then pull a couple for yourself -- for later! If you have indulged a bit too much, don't beat yourself up. Simply refocus and regain control. Your non-pregnant jeans will thank you again after birth.

So...what's your favorite? Share in the comments!

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Well I decided not to bring any candy in until the day of the holiday. Yes it is bought had to catch the sales. Yet I have left it at my parents I just cannot eat one.