Members Speak Out: What's the Nicest Thing Anyone's Done for You?

Random Acts of Kindnessby Lempi Koivisto

From an encouraging word to a thoughtful deed, your act of kindness could change the way a person sees the world or snowball to reach around the world.

Each February Random Acts of Kindness Day reminds us to reach out and help someone, not just on February 17, but any old time.

There are lots of things we can do.

From the little things, like handing someone a tissue if they are upset; helping an elder with groceries; to bigger acts like donating clothes or toys to those in need.

Each act we perform, means something and creates a positive effect in the universe.

Random Acts of Kindness

We asked the members to share one of their favorite memories of the nicest thing anyone's ever done for them. Here are a few to share with you:

"I was struggling at five weeks post c-section to get back in shape and was jogging up a steep hill with the baby in the stroller. This old lady was driving by and slowed down, waved, and said, "You go girl." At the exact moment I was about to sit on the ground and sob until a cop pulled over and toted me and the baby back to my house. It was the most amazing moment for me because it made me realize that other women knew how hard it was even though I was surrounded by women who made it all look easy (too easy IMO)." ~wlillie

"A grouWhat's the Nicest Thing Anyone's Ever Done for You?p of college guys on their way to an event changed my flat tire. I was pregnant with another small child in the car... and on a highway with trucks speeding by at 70 m.p.h. They wouldn't accept any money or anything more than a 'thank you.' I remain very grateful for their thoughtfulness!" ~Therese

"The first one that pops into my mind was the unexpected prepaid visa my neighbor gave me for when I needed to go buy my kids clothes they needed (whenever that may be). It actually wasn't very long ago so I still have money on it. I couldn't believe they did that." ~Angela

"It had been a long winter. I'd been laid off, we'd lost a dear family member, the snow and cold seemed to drag on forever. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself... A grandma from taekwondo sent a Valentine's Day chocolate rose home with the kids for me. Four years later I still have that rose. Every time I look at it, her a random act of kindness touches me again." ~BessFL

"We had found out our son, Eli was going to need heart surgery in early November. My husband's work and his aunt/uncle's Eagle's club BOTH nominated our family to get help that year. They wanted Christmas to be special for my kids knowing the heartache we were suffering. It honestly still brings me to tears. They made it a truly memorable holiday." ~wishing4agirl

"When my mum died I was broke. I couldn't afford anything even food! My friends were great. I would get into work and find £10 left in an envelope on my chair every now and again. One friend met me and did a food shop for me. On one occasion I got home from work to find a full shop waiting on my doorstep! The thoughtfulness of these people always warms my heart." ~Lizbet22

"Going anywhere with six children draws stares and at times, glares. Our family -- toddler through teens -- stopped at a restaurant for dinner. Knowing how irritating noisy kids can be, we always came prepared with a bag full of "keep the kids busy" activities. Towards the end of the meal, a stranger walked up to the table and said, 'I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your family.' I wonder if he'll ever know how encouraging those words were." ~Jules

"I was exhausted. I had two small children (newborn and 2.5) in the hospital in serious condition, There was no family to help and since I'd been caught off guard -- didn't have any change of clothes, toiletries, etc. I'd contacted neighbors to watch the house and get mail for me. Their "gift" was far more reaching. They brought me items needed, and then daily "dropped by" (30 minutes out of their way EACH WAY), brought me meals and kept me company. As the kids' condition improved, they stayed with them so I could go home and have a shower, etc. They'd alerted other neighbors who came together to mow, stocked the refrigerator/pantry, and prepared more than a few meals to store in the freezer. At that time, they were virtual strangers since we were new to the area. They remain friends still today -- many years later." ~Dani

We're challenging you to reach out today with a spontaneous act of kindness. Send a care package. Offer to babysit. Let someone go through the line in front of you. Tell a mom or dad what a good job they're doing. Bring your co-worker a special treat. Go ahead, make someone's day! What's your favorite memory of being the recipient or the giver of an act of kindness?

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