The First Day of School - Our Members Remember

by Melissa Jaramillo

Remembering First DayYou might have said in an excited voice, "Wake up! Time for breakfast. It's the first day of school!"

You may be feeling something entirely different. Depending on your child's personality, that first day could be a dreaded, new experience or it might be an awesome opportunity to meet new friends and discover all kinds of things.

We asked our members to share their first day experiences with us. You'll find how the first day of school went for our families, whether it was preschool, kindergarten or beyond.


Who's apprehensive? "I'm not sure who was more nervous, me or my son! He said, 'Hi' to his new teacher. Miss Donna showed him his cubbie. He was so excited to see his name on it and put his things in right away. The kids went off to explore the books, toys, games, legos™ and puppets. By the time I was finished with paperwork, he was involved with the new toys. At pick up time, he showed me the projects he made. He looked forward to going back the next day. Top of his list -- get back to play on the playground," Bonnie shares.

First day meltdown: It was a painful goodbye when I dropped my little girl off for her first day of preschool. All the other kids moved to the toys, played and visited. Carrie sobbed and clung. I handed her off. I was the lone mom who remained at school. I asked an unsuspecting stranger to check on my poor child. Her report wasn't comforting, 'She's crying, but it gets easier. I promise.' And it did. I learned to make our goodbyes as quick as possible and be confident and trust her teachers. She became one of those kids who just waves and joined the playgroups," Ronda says.

Kindergarten and Beyond

First day homeschooling: Martha says, "We made it through our first day! I feel like they got part of what I taught. Maybe I wasn't very prepared. Overall, it worked out. We started at 8:00 and were done by 10:30. My oldest worked on science, math, reading, and spelling. My youngest did science, math, and English."

Mama feels like a drama queen: "This year, I'll be dropping Gabe off for his first day at Kindergarten. He goes between being excited because his best friend will be there, being scared and just plain saying that he's NOT going. I can't believe he's already so big. I know I'm going to cry," Shellie says.

A mom looks back: "We had been to the school and met the teacher. To my six-year-old self, the building looked huge and confusing, but mom was there. The first day, mom walked to school with me and said, 'bye' at the classroom door. The next day wasn't as smooth. I walked the three blocks from our house, past the tennis court and right up to the building. I was lost. I didn't know which door to go in. I ran home sobbing. Mom, to her credit, didn't laugh. She just asked what was wrong, why I hadn't asked someone for help. We walked back together to find the visual cues I missed so I wouldn't have this problem, again," Julie remembers.

I'm not going! "Five minutes before the bus arrives, my son told me that he was not going to school. Then, he continued, 'I hate you and I'm going to run away.' My solution was to drive him to school. At the drop off point, I said goodbye and I'd pick him up this afternoon. I guess the drama was just for me, because he was fine once other people were around," Becca says.

Pure excitement: My son will be starting kindergarten at a new school. I get just a little more nervous as the school year draws near; however, my son's pure excitement for new school year to begin helps to ease much of my anxiety," Cami shares.

Your child's growing up and exploring the world. Is the first day of school harder for you or your child? How do you or will you handle the drop off?

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