Members Speak Out: How Does Your Family Celebrate Earth Day?

by Jovanna Acevedo

Family Earth DayEarth Day began as a grassroots demonstration in 1970. With a growing number of students concerned about the environment, April 22 was set aside as a national day of observance of environmental problems and a "teach-in." It blossomed to more than 20 million demonstrators, with thousands of schools and communities getting in on the action.

Earth Day still works at the grassroots level in our homes, neighborhoods and communities. We asked our own community here on how they will be celebrating Earth Day. Here's what they have planned.

Earth-Friendly Choices

"We're committing to throw away less stuff. We already use stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic containers. Our next step will be cloth diapers," Becki says.

Kayla offers some shopping advice, "Keep watching for seconds sales, Baby Half Off, Baby Steals, deals around holidays (like Earth Day coming up!). One good thing to do is "friend" a diaper store or company on Facebook. Then you get a heads on on special deals they are running."

Mary Lynn's family is combining chores with Earth Day fun. "Our community has free recycling for electronics on Saturday and Sunday. We'll be dropping some stuff off there and then stopping at the park to check out the activities."

Pam says, "We're taking part in an Earth Day book and clothing swap. Everyone's bringing clean clothing and books in good condition to trade. Then we'll donate any left to charity."

Color It Green

"We're greening up the yard. The kids and I picked out annuals for the front flower bed and a big pot for strawberry plants. Sunday we'll get out and turn our a tiny part of world green," Jamie says.

Melanie has a different concept. She shares, "Isaiah's first communion is Sunday. The cake will have a silver cross. The writing will be in green for Earth Day."

Clean-Up in the Community

Betty says, "I have the Magic School Bus video, 'In the Rainforest.' It gives great, kid-friendly ways to recycle. Then we'll decide on a family project to tackle in the afternoon or on a later day."

"If the weather's nice, we'll help out at Discovery Park with the two mile beach cleanup. If it's too rainy, as it sometimes is in Seattle, we'll be making 'Do this, Not That' posters that highlight good habits for taking care of the earth," Gena shares.

Are you low on ideas, but high in enthusiasm? Clean up the yard and celebrate with a grub party or try out one of these suggestions.

What's on the agenda at your house on Earth Day? Tell us about it!