Members Speak Out: "I Forgot" and Other Kid Excuses

by Lodovica Trevisan

Kid ExcusesA few years ago, a woman from Indiana created "I Forgot Day." She doesn't remember exactly which year. Ever since, July 2 has been the day to remember those events you somehow spaced out on rest of the year, such as birthday cards and anniversary wishes.

For those of us around children, the term "I forgot" takes you down a different road. Kids can get pretty creative with the excuses they offer. Common answers like "I forgot," "It wasn't me," and "I don't know" hardly merit mentioning.

We went looking for the creative, thoughtful explanations for less than "optimal behavior." What better spot to find examples than among our families? We know you'll be able to relate to them as much as we do!

Creative Kid Excuses

Our members sent us their favorite kid excuses and we compiled them. Some you've probably heard before, some you may not have yet. Did you hear some excuses lately? Share them with us in the comments below!

"My 4-year-old and her 6-year-old brother were sitting on the porch. She started screaming and sobbing. I thought she'd be stung by a bee. 'Debbie, what's wrong?!!' Gasp, sob...'He's breathing my air!'"

"I'd asked my 2-year-old to take her sippy cup to the kitchen. Later I noticed it on the living room floor. 'Why didn't you put your cup away?' 'I jus' a baby.'"

Here is some perfect 6-year-old logic: "Parent says, "Why don't you put those clothes away?" Child replies, "If I pick them up, the kitty will sleep on my bed. When I leave them there, he sleeps on the clothes pile. I hate when kitty sleeps on my bed."

From one of our dads about his 3-year-old: "'What are you doing?' Wide wide and innocent eyes, my daughter answers, 'Daddy, I not 'ticking my tongue out. I jus' yicking my yips.'"

"I was having trouble getting my almost 4-year-old settled in bed. About the fourth time he came out crying, I asked why he was upset. His answer? 'I can't go to sleep 'cause my hair will grow long!'"

A parent says, "Run put this toy up, Gabe." Her child replies, "Can't. My eyebrow hurts."

"We walked into the living room to find our 3-year-old had covered the wall with crayon. 'Why?' Apparently she found her muse as she answered sweetly, 'I was just drawing pictures for the bestest mommy evah!'" Who could argue with that?

A parent asks, "Why are your pants wet?" Their 2-year-old passed the blame. "Daddy peed." This parent found it quite an amazing feat since daddy had been at work several hours.

"My kids love wrestling with daddy, but hate to lose. Whenever, he'd almost "pin" one of them, you'd hear an, 'I'm hot!' 'Where?' 'Everywhere!'"

Have you ever discovered that you must be living in a holy place? You just never know. This parent says, "Pick up the markers." Child replies, "I can't. I'm sickkkkkkk." Miraculously, it turns into, "I'm all better now! I'm ready for ice cream."

"My 2-year-old learned that she can control some of her bodily functions. Following a noise, I looked at her. She proudly declared (in front of other adults of course!), 'Mommy, my butt burped!'"

A mom asks her 5-year old, "Why is your room such a mess?" She replies, "It's not a mess; it's a work of art." That's pretty creative!

"Our whole family had been fishing and I cooked up a pan full of trout. My 7-year-old hadn't touched hers. 'Arlee, why aren't you eating your fish?' She answered, 'Mommy, my kind of Indian doesn't eat fish.' One day I might have to let her know the 'her kind of Indian' nets salmon and really does eat it."

Is your child always taking every day objects and making them into something else? This parent asks their daughter, "Danica, why is your sparring helmet backwards?" She answers, "It's not backwards because I'm being a ninja!"

Finally, Sasha shared the ultimate excuse! "I turned around to a loud clatter and milk splashed everywhere. My 18-month-old looked down, looked at me, tossed his little arms out, palms up. 'Uh oh!'"

Your turn! Which kid excuses have had you giggling on the inside?