Members Speak Out: What Does Mother's Day Mean to You?

by Courtney Stace Member's Speak Out About Mother's DayMother's Day has as many meanings to people as there are families in the world. What does it the holiday mean to you?

Whether you're celebrating and honoring the best people in your life such as your kids or own mom -- or filling your much deserved day with love and relaxation, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to connect or even re-connect as a family.

Sometimes holidays like Mother's Day can trigger stress or sadness instead of celebration. If your own mom has passed on, has never been motherly, or you're dealing with infertility, this holiday might not be all flowers and sunshine for you. If that is the case, our sympathies are with you and your family.

We decided to ask our members to share what Mother's Day means to them. Here's what they have to say -- does it match your thoughts?

Melissa says, "For me, Mother's Day is one day intended to acknowledge the importance and value of my role within our family. I'm not certain that it quite works out that way, but it is still a nice thought!"

Kristi shares that, "Mother's Day for me seems to be a holiday to honor MY mom / MIL! By the end of the day -- rushing from one house to another with the kids (so on one gets OFFENDED), I'm exhausted. I always tell my husband that I need a day after Mother's Day just for ME!"

Sara giggles as she says, "Mother's Day is sticky fingers serving breakfast in bed, scribbled on cards, and the most delicious 'I love you Mommy!' ever!"

Ellen says, "As this holiday approaches, I find that I'm struggling and increasingly saddened. I experienced a loss at 20 weeks earlier this year. Instead of setting up my nursery, attending baby showers, and groaning at the discomfort of the last trimester, I am left crying and know this Mother's Day and all those thereafter will not have my baby to hold. While I know in my heart that I am a mom, the world doesn't see me that way."

Jen adds, "My darling husband wants me to have Mother's Day "off" this year by sending me to a hotel or spa for the weekend. While I'd love it any other weekend, I don't think he gets what it is to be a 'mom.' This is a day that's meant to be spent with your kids to celebrate together!"

Dawn remembers that, "For my mom it was really hard because my grandma had Alzheimer's. I could see it broke her heart to see her hero like that."

Rebecca shouts out, "I am so excited! This is our first pregnancy and so for me, celebrating my first official Mother's Day is a dream come true! I cannot wait 'til next year with my dear baby girl in my arms! Perfect!"

Cheryl shares that it's complicated, "Mother's Day is a dilemma to me. I have a hard time deciding how to spend it, between grandma's, mom, my mother-in-Law's and myself."

Kayla wishes that, "Mother's Day for me is a day that I hope to be sweaty, in pain, panting hard, and pushing myself to the limits. It's my due date! I can't wait!"

Megs says, "To me it's about recognizing all the sacrifices mothers make for all of us. My grandmother raised my mom alone and my mother worked and went to school full time most of my life. Even though I never saw either very often, I knew it was FOR me/us. It's the times she could have said, 'Screw it; kids can eat later' but that's not what a mom does. Puts herself on the back burner and the family first."

Elizabeth states, "Now that I'm a mom, I love the homemade gifts! I keep every one of them. For my mom and my husband's mom, I help my kids make something creative. This year we made modge podge flower pots with the kids' pictures and filled them with marigolds."

Share what the holiday means to you and your family!