's 10th Anniversary: Lasting Friendships

by Staff's 10 year anniversaryOn September 10th, 2001 started the great adventure. Driven by our motto, "By Parents, For Parents™" we've worked really hard to fulfill our mission to educate, empower, and support one another through the ups and downs of pregnancy and parenting. The journey isn't always easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult!

Ten years ago my little self joined It's CRAZY to me how quickly time has flown as I think back over all the amazing experiences I have had while here. I've gone from having a little one and pregnant with twins, to now pregnant with my seventh baby. I never would have guessed I'd be a Mama to so many! I've pretty much raised my family here. I love this place and all those I've been able to meet and call friend. ~Chimmy

As the site transitioned through the years, the bonds formed within our community have been long-lasting friendships with definite "staying" power. While their children were born years ago and swiftly shifted from crawling infants to running pre-teens, these members can't imagine leaving behind. Instead, they have switched gears and expanded their focus -- still relying on the support available, while engaging one another as more than "just a mom."

I came to with the "October Treats." We loved the idea of the forums here on, and how easy it was to share photos and have threads. It quickly became our new home, and we spent so many hours here sharing and growing together. Our kids are turning 10 now, and although our board here dissolved, most of us are still connected and are grateful for meeting each other online (one mom is godmother to my daughter, I'm the godmother to another's daughter). I'm still here as a mod for the Scrapbooking board. I love the community here, so I'm not going anywhere. ~coolmama72

One of the most touted attributes of is being able to make that connections with others that have "been there, done that". Unlike other parenting websites that tend to lock people into their particular "box" or group, members are well known for their lurking capabilities jumping in on topics to offer their advice when needed. meant connection with other mommies that knew exactly what I was feeling. If my baby hadn't slept in days, you could just about bet someone else was feeling my pain. That connection is what moms need -- knowing that someone else "gets it." The site pops into my head if I need information on anything! From my over-all health to my four-year-old's eating habits (or lack thereof). The one thing that will go with me for the rest of my life and my children's lives are the friendships made. Friends that have turned to family and will remain so share in my kid's accomplishments, pains, heartaches, graduations and weddings. Hopefully someday even some grandbabies. ~Shellie

Being a member of this site generally means you are welcomed into the "family." Like any family, we may have our moments where we fiercely disagree but just as staunchly care and defend one another. That bond and compassionate spirit has been a mainstay here at -- and one that is certain to last for years to come. has been a part of my life for so many years and during some major moments -- a high-needs baby (now 9), relationships, birth mom, twins, and being a military mom. I love interacting on the forums; you get to see more of people that way. We're indeed a very large community now. ~Nadine

Life happens and is there every step of the way. We've celebrated births and wept together during times of sorrow. We've learned to laugh and we've been forced to learn if you ask a question here, you'd best be prepared to hear the answer! Within that "sisterhood" however is the gentle prodding needed (and given!) to find the best within ourselves and build on it. We strive to improve the site, like we do for one another -- as parents, as partners, as friends.

In September 2001, I had just miscarried and was looking for support while dealing with my loss. When I got pregnant with my son (who is now nine), I joined a birth board and first time moms board. What I really loved was the chat rooms. The friendships we made there helped get me through the late night feedings and those "are-we-doing-this-right" questions. This support comes best from other moms who have been through similar experiences. The scrap booking, photography, knitting and the biggest loser board (which I have belonged to since the beginning) made it more than a site just about babies. It became support for women in all aspects of our lives. ~Bonita

We're so glad you've been with us all these years - and for years to come!

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