's 11th anniversary -- where do we go from here?

by Mollee Bauer

Site 11th AnniversaryAs your child's birthday draws near, you might find yourself looking back through the years remembering how you felt during the final stages of pregnancy, on those "walking zombie" days with a newborn, on celebrating every new developmental milestone and always looking ahead to plan for your child's future.

We're reflecting back over the years, too!

Eleven years ago -- September 10, 2001 to be exact -- we started out on a great adventure.

We wanted to shout out and rejoice with one another through the ups and downs of pregnancy and parenting and encourage and support our friends when things got rough. Learn more about us!

Who are we?

We're an extended family, dedicated to empowering and educating women just like you! Your family might be in another state. Your best friend may live across the nation. We've created a unique site, joining forces as a virtual "sisterhood," ready and willing to share your journey to -- and through -- parenthood together!

We're a website loaded with ideas, information, support and encouragement. Julie, Senior Editor, shares one special event that touched on all of these.

"A member found herself unexpectedly pregnant, at a bad time. Another special woman had just come to terms with infertility, after 16 years. Although thousands of miles apart, these two moms connected and arranged an open adoption. The pregnant member kept the other parents up to date on appointments and used our site's resources on pregnancy and childbirth. The adopting mom not only attending the birth, she even experienced the pregnancy symptoms! 'Each time I see Matthew’s picture (he's six), I remember the miracle of connection – through our site,' she shared."

We're a trusted friend -- objective, open and reliable. We learn from you, we appreciate you and we enjoy your company.

MissyJ, Online Community Director, says, "I love interacting with our members. Bar none, this community is the most compassionate, spirited, and fun-loving that I've been around. It's amazing to watch and work with these phenomenal women. Throughout the years, I have found myself challenged, inspired to grow personally and professionally, and strengthened. I remain in awe of you ladies. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We hope we've affected your lives in a positive way as you have made a difference in mine!"

Who do we want to be?

We want to empower women through their journey with content written to make one feel comfortable and confident.

"What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to interact with and get to know our members through our various social media channels. I've found our members to be involved, fun, and caring moms with parenting philosophies that often mirror my own. They're a savvy bunch who not only appreciates the information we offer but we learn a lot from them, too," Laura, our Sr. Social Networking & Digital Media Specialist says.

Where are we headed; how are we different?

We're grassroots, firmly built on tangible, reliable, trustworthy information. We follow a natural, relaxed, real philosophy about raising our kids and families with fun mixed in.

Mollee Bauer, founder and General Manager says, "It's always been our goal to not only be a positive and educational resources, but a website that provides the 'real deal' and allows moms and moms-to-be to take that information and make up their own minds, as they should. We pride ourselves on the fact that we're not the Costco of parenting and pregnancy sites on the web."

Within our content, you'll find everything from expert voices to personal experiences. It can help you make up your mind when faced with lifestyle changes, birthing decisions and parenting choices.

Best of all? offers all this and a personal touch. When you get an email, it's from a real person. When you read an article, it's written to meet your need. When you take a poll or quiz, we created it with our active, busy, fun-loving members in mind.

Happy 11th anniversary! You've made an amazing site and you'll help it become an even better friend to parents and parents-to-be.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.