's Halloween Guide!

Halloween -- how scary is too scary?: Children react differently to those things that go "bump in the night", even when they know it is all in the spirit of Halloween! Parents remain divided on how much fright is ok -- some trying to make that determination for others! Where do you stand?

Halloween double-dare -- how many doorbells can you ring? This presents the perfect ammunition to help resist those candy temptations in favor of something that will have a far better impact on your backside!

Halloween fun for kids with special needs: Parents of special needs child will find several ideas that you can use to make this holiday enjoyable for all!

Halloween treats you can conjure up at the last minute: Are you still trying to come up with something to bring to your Halloween or Fall Harvest gathering? These concoctions will please all your hungry ghosts (oops - guests!)

Top 10 Things to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy: When November 1st hits, I'm already thinking -- this candy HAS. TO. GO!! I don't need the pounds and the kids certainly do not need MORE energy from a sugar high! This year will be different ('sez I!) I'm going to try one of these ideas!