's Month of Thankfulness

by Jackie Hershwitz

baby in pumpkin patchAs our members in the United States prepare for Thanksgiving, we'd like to invite you to reflect on the past year and focus on the things we appreciate even if we're only grateful for strength to face challenging times.

Some call it "counting your blessings;" others "take inventory of the positives." You'll find a thought for each day from our members starting on November 1st and continuing through Thanksgiving. Keep this article handy to reference throughout the month.

November 1: Everything!
"God, family, baby, friends, living the dream, opportunities, freedom, being part of mortuary affairs, being able to find humor in chaos, being financially secure, great health, Facebook, this pregnancy site, teachers, digital cameras, cheese, GPS systems, okay...maybe I am going overboard..." ~Renea

November 2: Our Thanksgiving Baby
"I'm thankful for the birth and amazing first year with my beautiful daughter, who was my Thanksgiving Day gift last year. She has forever changed my life." ~C.G.

November 3: The Opportunity to See My Children Grow, Stretch and Create
"I am thankful for looking. Looking at my children as they grow, stretch, and create themselves. They are so young and are already amazing people. I am thankful that I get to experience life outside of myself through the beauty that is child." ~Christina

November 4: A Job I Love
"I am thankful for my profession as a sign language interpreter! Working for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and facilitating communication is a joy I never knew would become a passion of mine! So grateful!" ~Tamara

November 5: Family, Faith and Motherhood
"I'm thankful for my children and my husband. Also thankful for my faith that kept me strong during my struggles to become a mother." ~Jenn

November 6: A New Perspective
"I'm thankful for my sweet little boy who has given me perspective on the important things in life. I'm thankful for my husband, who I have become closer to as we discuss, decide, and support each other on raising our little boy. I'm grateful for my religion, which gives us direction in a world of chaos." ~Marie

November 7: Our Miracle
"I am thankful for my husband who is an eight year brain cancer survivor. I am thankful for my three-year-old son and my baby boy who could arrive any day now!" ~Robin

November 8: Food and Shelter
"I'm thankful, first and foremost, for my beautiful family. I am thankful that we are all healthy, that both my husband and I have jobs that provide food and shelter for our children, and that God has blessed us with more than we deserve." ~Holly

November 9: Friends and Family
"I'm thankful for friends and family who have supported us in times of loss, rejoiced in times of celebration, and put up with me in times of wacky hormonal mood swings." ~IndianaJones

November 10: My Husband, My Best Friend
"I'm thankful for a husband that is truly my best friend and the best dad I could ask for. I'm thankful for a job that I love and that allows me to be home a lot and give my kids the kind of life I want to. I'm thankful that God chose to bless us six times with the most amazing, crazy, unique kids ever! I am so proud to be their mom and it is such a blessing to watch them grow into little people." ~Heidi

November 11: A Birth Mom's Selfless Gift
"Cart and I have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. We are definitely thankful for my friend Jessica for thinking of us when they had to back out of an adoption situation. This allowed us to be presented and chosen by the birth mom. We are definitely thankful for our birth mom Rebecca (name changed) for her selfless gift of choosing adoption instead of abortion for her child." ~K