's Month of Thankfulness

November 12: My Birth Board
"I am so thankful for the friends I have made on my birth board. We have been together now for more than 3 years, and we are a family. We are all blessed by having each other, we have gone through good and bad together and no matter what it's an incredible place to be able to go to know you will be understood, and amazing advice or just hugs will be handed out. I am also so incredibly grateful for my three amazing girls." ~3inpink

November 13: The Chance to Grow
"I'm grateful for challenges this year. Without those, none of us would never become the person we're meant to be." ~Selene

November 14: The Beauty Around Us
"I also have so much to be thankful for! My two babies, especially the littlest one who arrived after we thought we'd never have another. I'm also so thankful for my beautiful home and the warm autumn we've been having!" ~MysticalMomma

November 15: Trying to Conceive!
"My husband and I are (FINALLY!) on the same page about starting our family. Beginning this journey to trying to conceive is exciting, filled with hope, and trust me -- we both are "thankful" for the fringe benefits! *wink*" ~Dana

November 16: Community on
"I'm thankful for the amazing compassionate spirit, friendships, and even the disagreements that challenge me to learn more -- all that are found here throughout!" ~Lynn

November 17: Employment in a Tough Economy
"I'm thankful my husband and I both still have our jobs. He was actually laid off two weeks after we found out I was pregnant but somehow his employers managed to find another position for him in the company." ~AmberBella

November 18: Vacation Days!
Our family is extremely thankful for those all too rare days off together. We may/may not be able to afford a getaway, but even those "stolen moments" make for some magical memories that I know we'll treasure forever! ~Rebecca

November 19: The Good AND the Bad
"I am thankful for the good things and the bad things that I have been through. I had to learn with the good comes the bad and you can make it through! I am thankful for my husband and all my kids! ~mommyin...

November 20: My Life!
"I have a lot to be thankful for! Definitely thankful for the health of my children! I am also thankful for my husband, my home, friends who are actually more like family, and most of all my Jesus!" ~Belinda

November 21: Ability to "Pay it Forward"
"Last year our family was hit hard by loss of employment and a series of "Murphy's Law" pounding us hard with financial hardship. We were so grateful for the help we received that helped us keep food on the table, heat in our home, and the mortage paid. This year we were blessed with a new job that has enabled us to "catch up" and now we are helping a grandmother who unexpectedly is now left with 3 young kids. We still don't have much but have a new perspective on what "giving"is to others. Thank you God for enabling us the means to "pay it forward." ~Megan

November 22: Imagination!
"Over the years, I've grown more thankful for the gift of imagination that I've shared with my growing family. Together we have traveled to far away places, through time, and met unlimited characters...some that never existed before we dreamed them." ~Gina

November 23: These Precious Years
"I am thankful that my dad (almost 84) and mom (in her 70's) are still here to enjoy their time with us! I am thankful for my husband of eight years who is my rock. I am also thankful for my children -- Jack who is almost two, and the baby who is due on 11/21. They bring such joy and love into our lives." ~Anne