's Month of Thankfulness

November 24: A Full Cup
"I am thankful for the amazing blessing to be a stay-at-home-mom, and the financial blessings that keep appearing (in the nick of time!) to make it possible!
I am thankful for a husband who loves and supports me and his children.
I am thankful for my family, even though we hardly see one another that love is tangible.
I am thankful for health -- for myself, my kids, my hubby and my family.
I am thankful for food (and pray every day that everyone has some, too)!
I am thankful for my friends... oh my wonderful friends. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and thank you for all you do.
I am thankful for humor and laughter. How would you even go a day without it?
I am thankful for my Lord who loves me and keep me in His arms. And keeps my family and friends.
I am thankful for so much.
My babies have got to top that list. Each sweet little human being. All their goods, all their bads, all their trouble and every sweet moment. Because of them I know what I am here for, what I am good at, and what my purpose is." ~Joee

We wish all of you all have a heartfelt and wondrous Thanksgiving! We're thankful for each and every one of YOU! What tops your "thankfulness list"? Share what's special to you in the comments.

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