's POAS "Hall of Fame"

by Melissa Jaramillo

Pee on a stickThe things we'll do for pregnancy! During the "trying to conceive" phase, we discuss and analyze more bodily functions than we care to admit, for ourselves and complete strangers.

Together we anguish during that dreaded two week wait.

It's the time frame between when ovulation occurred along with hopefully conception -- and when it is possible to detect the presence of a pregnancy hormone.

During an actual pregnancy, that "urge to pee" comes frequently. For those waiting to get that big, fat, positive on a home pregnancy test, it may feel more like a constant need to go. Our members totally get this concept.

As they track their cycles, some become self-confessed "POAS-addicts." These members pee-on-a-stick frequently, squinting to see a line, then share images of stick so virtual buddies can stare at the screen long enough to try to see as well -- and, of course, to cheer them on with an urge to "POAS" again!

We tapped the members of our "Do You See a Line" board to gain insight on where people take their home pregnancy tests besides at home. The stories these ladies had to share were definitely ones for the record books. See the first entries into's POAS "Hall of Fame!" We're certain you'll agree!

The 2012 POAS Hall of Fame Winners

"I had a laugh with a friend who is trying to conceive. She shared that she was so incredibly excited to test as this was her first charting cycle. She bought the test in Wal-mart and went immediately in the bathroom. She dropped the packaging and instructions on the floor and then accidentally kicked it just enough that it went outside the door. She said a woman in there with a crying little boy nudged it back under and said 'Hope you get the answer you're wanting!'" shared.

"I've tested at work and at the local recreation center. The one at the rec center was positive! Daisy's now almost 2.5!" Cherie says.

"I've totally tested in a store bathroom before!" Elizabeth admits.

"I bought a test at Walgreens, then took it at lunch at a restaurant where I was headed," Jamie says.

"It's amazing that with as many sticks as I've peed on that I've never done it in a store bathroom. I have POAS in a hotel bathroom at like 5 a.m. with babies sleeping in the other room. Do you know how difficult it is to squint at a 10 dpo 'line' in that unnatural of lighting? I do," Andrea states.

"I work in a store. I was talking to a vendor about how I felt pregnant, stopped what I was doing, went to the pharmacy, bought a test, went into the bathroom and peed on it, waited....walked back to the vendor. I said, 'Yep. Thought so.' It was very random. And thinking back on it, the vendor was not the first person I would have chosen to tell, but they were waiting on me to get back," Jessica sheepishly admits.

"I've tested once in a store and many times in the office bathroom. We have one fully enclosed (floor to ceiling walls) bathroom stall that people use to umm...go number 2. Well I'm pretty sure the ladies across the hall think I have serious IBS or something because I'd post up in that bathroom and squint for minutes before I went back to my desk," Elizabeth shares.

"I work in a pharmacy, and there are used HPT's laying in the trash all the time. I actually don't think I've ever POAS in the store, surprisingly! I did buy one at a Wal-Mart once, and then took it to a nearby gas station bathroom to use it. That was in my younger days in my second year of college and I was desperately hoping for a BFN (which I got). But someone kept knocking on the door, so I couldn't even stay for the five minute time limit. So I had to go back and do the other test in the dorm late that night," Mary remembers.

"I found out I was pregnant with my first son in a mall bathroom. I bought a cheap blue dye test at the mall while waiting for my bus and went to the bathroom because I just couldn't wait. After getting the BFP I went and bought some FRERs to take home," Amber shares.

OK POAS addicts, we know you're out there with your own stories to tell! Post them in our comments! Perhaps you will be considered for our 2013 inductees to the POAS Hall of Fame!

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.