Pregnant and Surviving the Summer Heat

by Ann Douglas

Pregnancy and Summer HeatI thought I had lived through hot summers before, but you don't know what hot means until you've been pregnant in the summer.

These mom-proven methods help you stay cool during even the hottest days.

Dress Cool

Dress the part of the sizzling hot mama-to-be. Zero in on comfortable, free-flowing styles made from breathable fabrics—whatever you can find to keep yourself cool. The same goes for sleepwear: Choose loose-fitting sleepwear and light-weight cotton sheets: they're your best bet for getting some zzzs.

Get That Air Moving

Install a ceiling fan in your bedroom. Keeping the air circulating will help to keep you cool and will also help to minimize odors (a common morning sickness trigger).

Tried and Tested

Rely on some of the same instant cool-down techniques that your great-grandmother relied on to stay cool a century ago. Apply a cold cloth to the nape of your neck and dip your wrists into a bowl full of cool water. Dip your feet in a basin filled with the coldest water you can stand.

Keep Hydrated

Keep yourself well hydrated. Keep a jug of ice water within easy reach so you’ll keep refilling your glass throughout the day. Add a few slices of cucumber or orange for an extra-refreshing effect.

Exercise When It's Cool

Try to avoid exercising during the hottest times of day. Time your workouts for early morning or in the evening, or plan to work out in an air-conditioned facility or in a swimming pool. In other words, keep it cool, baby!

Any other tips on beating the summer heat when you've got a baby on board?

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