Pregnant Celebrities Bring Baby Bump to Work

by Staff

baby bump Twenty years ago, Demi Moore made the baby bump incredibly sexy courtesy of maternity photographs by Annie Leibovitz. Although Demi's pregnant nude portrait raised quite a few eyebrows at the time, one of the more powerful and lasting outcomes was that it totally shoved "maternity" out of the shadows and into the spotlight – literally!

For most of us, taking your baby bump to work is a given. We scoot the desk chair back a bit further and prop up tired feet during breaks. For celebrities, an off-camera pregnancy affects their show's dynamics and careers.

Producers through the decades creatively resolved the baby bump "issue." In the 1960's American sitcom, "I Dream of Jeannie," the producer shot around Barbara Eden's pregnancy. Props and layers of veils hid her expanding abdomen. Today's TV series all seem to deal with a star's pregnancy with one of three common scenarios:

1. The celebrity's character becomes pregnant on the show
2. Strategically-placed props disguise a blossoming bump
3. The well-planned summer baby leaves the show unaffected

The next time you wonder when you last actually saw a full body shot of your favorite TV star, do a quick search to find out if they are expecting a new bundle soon!

Who's Popping Now?

Will Brennan be carrying satchels large enough to hide an elephant or lurking behind tables and corpses? Or will she and Booth have a baby? While hiding her very obvious bump might fool the audience, the production team decided Emily Deschanel who plays the part of "Bones" forensic anthropologist will bring her baby bump right into the show! Executive producer, Stephen Nathan says Brennan will definitely appear pregnant in the show. He won't tell how the relationship between Bones and Booth will play out this season.

January Jones, "Mad Men" star, announced her pregnancy in April -- she's due to deliver this fall, right in the middle of the show's taping schedule. The staff has plenty of time to think how they'll work her obvious physical changes into, or out of, the show. Just as she's keeping the baby's daddy a secret, the series executive producer, Matthew Weiner's mum on "baby's" role -- or not -- in the plot. He says they may hide her pregnancy or use a body double. One thing that's unlikely to happen is that her character, Betty will be pregnant on the show. What you think? Should Betty Draper should have another baby or should the real-life baby bump be hidden from the cameras?

Jenna Fischer confirms her real-life pregnancy will be written into the next season of "The Office." She has already practiced pregnancy in the series. This season she'll be doing the real thing. On Valentine's Day, Pam, Jenna's character, and Jim snuck off and had sex. They conceived, but it was kept a secret until the start of the next season. Jenna remembers thinking the timing could be very good since she found out she was pregnant while shooting that episode.

Tina Fey simply wore flowy clothes while filming the last few episodes of the last season of "30 Rock." Nothing new really since Liz Lemon has vaguely resembled a pregnant woman for the last five years. Liz's curious fashion choices and DIY finds accommodated her growing bump. Tina's daughter, Penelope Athena arrived mid-August. "30 Rock" had already wrapped production on Season Five, and the baby's birth isn't expected to affect production or storyline of Season Six.

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