Pregnant Fathers: The Third Trimester

  • Begin to plan for the birth. Check and see how flexible you work will be both about time off for birth and after.
  • Ask two new fathers about the their experience of their baby's births.
  • Reach out to the men in your childbirth preparation class; see if you can have a dads-to-be night out.
  • Find an exercise program that you feel you could continue after the baby is born.

Bruce Linton, Ph.D. is founder and director of the Fathers' Forum programs for expectant and new fathers. He is a former contributing editor to "Full-Time-Dads" magazines, and columnist for Parents' News in San Francisco, California. He is the author of Finding Time for Fatherhood (Berkeley Hills Books, 2000). Bruce is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and received his doctorate for his research on men's development as fathers.

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