The Pregnant Gal's Guide to Fashionable Spring Holiday Maternity Clothing

by Julie Snyder

Spring Maternity FashionsThere are some years where maternity clothing can embarrass even your closet.

This year is different. The hottest trends of the spring season are less about dressing up and more about classy comfort.

Ellen Sternweiler, owner of Bellybum boutique in Chicago says, "Maternity styles have come back around. For the last few years, the trending maternity and nursing fashion was loud and bright, calling attention to your belly and to you. Women are not wanting to be in things that are not them."

Pregnant moms want to dress up, but not at the expense of being comfortable. They're looking for colors and combinations that turn a pregnancy glow into a sparkle!

Spring Holiday Fashion for 2014

"Everyone in general is less formal," Ellen Sternwiler says. "My friends all look nice and all dress up, but 'dress up' today is a whole different concept compared to ten years ago."

What's setting this year apart?

Black remains a staple in women's maternity wardrobe for its slimming affect. Add a splash of color and you're ready for any celebration. Aquatic and oceanic colors are big this year. This color palate includes silvery pale grays, light aquas, sea foam greens as well as corals, vibrant and subdued.

Kelly Buck, from the Bump Maternity in Bellevue, Washington says, "The weather in the Pacific Northwest has been bad the last few springs. Skinny pants with tunics is still the style now and will continue going into fall." Spring holiday fashions reflect that trend as well.

Moms often leave Kelly's shop with trendy denim jeans or yoga-style pants topped a knot colorful camisole and layered with a knit top.

To the delight of consumers, eco-friendly fabrics have moved beyond oatmeal and unbleached and are available in a wide range of colors.

A Splash of Color

Do you think a spring color theme means a paler shade of black? Even if your bright spring maternity selections revolve around grays, you can add a splash of color with an attractive top, a scarf or an undershirt.

The prints that are trending quickly are really soft, neutral colors -- pale peaches, oranges, yellows that brighten up the whole season. Color blocking seems to be moving away again and the present geometric are more organic and subdued, transitional, chain link, are used in great ways.

Show Off That Bump

Sternweiler says that women aren't coming in looking for really dressy Easter or Passover wear. Instead she sees moms buying simple dresses and slacks with beautiful tops.

Whether dressing up for a celebration or a ceremony, pregnant mommas are looking for flexible, transitional outfits that they aren't locked in only during pregnancy. They're searching for comfortable, well-fitting forgiving garments.

Today's mom appreciates a piece of clothing that she can feel comfortable in through any type of body changes; before, during and after pregnancy.

Transition wear like yoga style based pants, allow you to grow and shrink, but can still be very flattering. Tops that button or zip can be used any time. During pregnancy, zip or button up and show off your bump. Once your baby's arrived, zip or button down to nurse.

Top it off with the Chicago essential, a beautiful cardigan or wrap and you've created a fashionable and versatile look.

Just for Giggles

Have you checked out the seasonal t-shirts for moms-to-be? Top a pair of skinny jeans with your favorite holiday quip and share a smile with everyone you meet.

What's trending for spring fashion in your region? Let us know!