Pregnant Gal's Guide to Maternity Swimsuits

by Jovanna Acevedo Quesada Maternity Swimsuits

The toasty temps have been luring you to the lake for a dip. Now to find that perfect suit for your baby bump!

What's your preferred style for maternity swimsuits?

Is it to show off your bare bump in a bikini?

What about keeping it under wraps with snug tankini or one-piece suit?

Are you more a "OMG, do you seriously think I'm going to try on a swimsuit NOW?" person?

What about borrowing your partner's baggiest t-shirt or go skinny dipping at midnight on a moonless night?

Which of these situations and suits matches you? Tell us in the comments!

The "Perfect" Preggo Swim Suit

Show the Bump Off in a Bikini

"Honestly, are you supposed to hide behind a drapey coverup when you're pregnant? I mean, pregnancy is not exactly a time of your life when you are worried about looking skinny!" Melissa states.

"I just wear a bikini. If people can't handle the belly that's their problem!" Alison remarks.

Bikini Buying Tips:

• Choose a suit with at least 20 percent spandex or lycra to help your suit maintain its shape as your body changes its.

• Consider a halter neck tie for easy adjustment and great support.

• Look for a shop that offers separate bottoms and tops so you can easily find a fit or mix and match.

• Just as the bikini cup comes in different sizes, the briefs come in a variety of styles. Some moms find that different varieties offer different kinds of comfort through each stage of pregnancy.

Accent the Bump

"Buy separate tops and bottoms. They even have some takini tops that are very "flowy" so they would make excellent maternity suits," Janel says.

If you prefer to keep your baby a bit of a secret, then choose a tankini or one piece.

Perhaps it's other body areas you'd like to keep a secret, not the bump!

A keyhole suit shows off the bump while covering the rest.

• Choose a suit made of at least 20 percent spandex or lycra so it can expand easily as your bump expands and breasts get fuller.

• A tankini allows you to purchase the top and bottom separately if you've grown a bit more in one part than the other.

• If you'd prefer more coverage, opt for a one piece suit with a pleated or gathered front that offers more room as your baby and bump grow.

• Feeling a bit self-conscious? Consider a babydoll style with a flouncy skirt.

Swimsuit Now? No Way!

B-baby says, "I feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit to begin with; so, I don't know how often you'll find me in one this summer!"

A pair of swim shorts and a flowing tankini top might perfectly meet your needs if you'd rather not parade your pregnant body in public.

Unlike your grandmother's oversized maternity swimsuit with skirts down to the knees that made her look bulky and huge, your combination gives comfort, modesty and style.

Add a colorful kaftan or sarong that easily adjusts with your changing size for top comfort.

Fabulous Accessories

Pair your maternity swimwear with a wide brim hat for added style and protection. If you select an eye-catching hat, it will draw attention from your swimwear to your head if that would make you feel more comfortable.

On the other hand, if you're loving the baby belly, choose a simple hat that does its job but doesn't distract from your beautiful bump.

With a little creativity, a smidgen of focus and a bit of good luck, you'll find the perfect maternity swimwear.

What's your favorite combo?