Prenatal Visits: Second Trimester Gestational Diabetes Screening

by Shannon Bartlett

Your second trimester visit, around 26 weeks

Glucose Drink TestDuring this stage of pregnancy most expectant moms face the dreaded and horribly sweet tasking gestational diabetes screening. We agree that it's not necessarily the most pleasant of tests, particularly for those still battling nausea.

Despite it's sickeningly sweet description, the glucose test is one of the most important during your pregnancy. Since gestational diabetes presents few outward symptoms, it's only through proper testing that you can confirm you're doing what's best for you and your baby’s health.

Let's see what else you can expect at this prenatal visit.

Action Item List

actions for your prenatal visitYou've hit another pregnancy milestone! You begin seeing your midwife or doctor every two weeks now! Weekly visits are coming up soon.

Your visit will be routine unless you have specific symptoms. Your changing body and growing baby probably have provided an entire list of topics you want to talk over with your healthcare provider.

Your Tasks

• Bring a list of questions. As you end the second trimester and start the third, you could have unfamiliar aches and twinges. Jot them down and ask about them. Your midwife or doctor can reassure you if they're typical or look for a cause if they're a cause for concern.

• Schedule your next prenatal visit. Get your next appointment on the calendar. It's coming up in just two weeks!

Appointment-Specific Checklist

• Glucose tolerance test: If you have opted out of the gestational diabetes screening, continue to the next paragraph. If not, you'll probably do the glucose tolerance test during this visit. Have you already done the screening? If the result was high, you could be asked to come in for a lengthier gestational diabetes test.

• Prenatal Rhogam: Most doctors recommend an injection of Rh antibodies at 28 weeks for all women with Rh negative blood. Prenatal Rhogam is considered controversial because it's not known how much protection the vaccine offers and because it contains preservative that might have effects on you or your baby. Discuss the pros and cons with your midwife or doctor.

Routine Visit Checklist

• Weigh in: Are you gaining weight as recommended? If your gain is too much or too little, your provider might suggest a visit with a nutritionist.
• Urine screen: Your urine will be checked for sugar and protein.
• Check blood pressure: Your blood pressure and your urine screen results helps your caregiver recognize preeclampsia and other pregnancy complications.
• Uterus size: The fundal height roughly matches your weeks gestation.
• Talk time: Here's your change to bring up any concern about nutrition, pregnancy symptoms and everything pregnant.

Questions to Ask

Common questionsDid you just realize that you're about to begin the third trimester? Only a couple months ago, it seemed you had just found out and your baby wouldn't be here any time soon. Now that wee bundle's arrival is right around the corner!

Since your due date is getting closer, today's a great day to discuss your birth plans. Consider bringing up the following issues:

Your baby's and the combined placenta and water weight suddenly make symptoms that seemed tolerable last week, really kick in now. Our members asked these questions about the late second trimester and early third trimester:

• Why are my fingers (except my pinky) tingly and numb?
• How can I relieve Braxton-Hicks contractions?
• What's the scoop on rhogam? Will I need a shot?
• Do you sunburn easier when you're pregnant?
• Is exhaustion a sign of anemia?
• Which foods can put more iron in my diet?
• What exercises help prepare my body for birth?
• How can I control my weight gain?

Helpful Resources

Learn about your's loaded with helpful articles that cover everything from the embarrassing and what you can expect to what's happening with pregnancies, including celebrity pregnancies across the nation.

We've gathered up resources for this stage of your pregnancy. Take a peek and dig even deeper through what we have to offer. It's just a click away!

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