Prenatal Visits: Second Trimester Testing and Checkup

• Talk time: New pregnancy symptoms often appear in the second trimester. You might be bothered by stuffy nose, shortness of breath or chloasma, also called mask of pregnancy. This is a good time to ask your midwife or doctor what's happening during the second trimester and how you can best be prepared.

Questions to Ask

Common questions at the first trimester wrap up visitAre you concerned about food, medicines, exercise, new aches and pains, prenatal classes, birthing choices or sex? Feel free to ask anything.

Are you wondering what questions other second trimester moms bring to their appointments? We've tapped our members to see what they'd ask. Try these out:

• What can I do to prevent chloasma? Will it go away on its own?
• How can I get more rest at night?
• Are nosebleeds common during pregnancy?
• Should I eat more during the second trimester?
• When should we start prenatal classes?
• Is it okay to dye my hair?
• When should I feel the baby move?
• What can I take for these headaches?
• Can I paint the nursery?

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Before you go to your appointment, print out this article and create your own list of notes to share with your healthcare provider!