Prenatal Visits: Your Mid-Pregnancy Checkup

Questions to Ask

Common questions
Your baby and tummy's growing. Some discomforts might be cropping up as well. Are you concerned about these new aches and pains, prenatal classes, birthing choices or sex? Feel free to ask anything that comes to mind.

Are you curious what questions other second trimester moms bring to their appointments? We've tapped our members to see what they'd ask. Here is what we came up with:

• When do Braxton-Hicks contractions start?
• Can I paint the nursery?
• Do I need to have a glucose tolerance screen?
• Why haven't I felt my baby move yet?
• Can stretch marks be prevented?
• How can I relieve constipation?
• Does anything help with sciatic nerve pain?
• Can I travel now?
• Should I see a dentist for swollen gums?

Helpful Resources

Learn about your pregnancyTake advantage of the practical, thought-provoking and entertaining resources on early pregnancy we've gathered up.

Whether you'd like a peek at your baby's development, wonder what's happening with your body or want to meet up with others sharing this stage of pregnancy, we have what you need.

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Tools to Use
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See how your baby changes each week.
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Print out this article and create your own list of notes to share with your provider! What did you find the most helpful?