Preschool Thanksgiving Craft: Turkey Finger Puppets

by Dana B. Bryant

With all the hoopla surrounding preparing
your Thanksgiving feast, you might find little ones underfoot bubbly and eager to "help." We understand small children give a
whole new meaning to "too many cooks spoil the broth." Here's a simple project to keep those little hands busy!

This fun and easy craft will have kids "otherwise occupied" while creating the project and then playtime after! For even more entertainment, let them make a whole turkey flock. Who says this can't be educational as well?

click for larger finger puppet pattern• Gather up materials. When your curious artist-to-be starts asking questions, pique interest with a gobble and turkey shuffle.

• Draw or print up a pattern on paper, card stock or a paper plate. You'll want a roundish body shape about the size of your child's fist, and a fan-shaped tail section. Sketch in the feathers for more detail. If you're not feeling creative, click on the image for a larger version that you can print out.

colored puppet• Turn your kid loose with the crayons, colored pencils or even glue and scraps.

• Once it's properly decorated or nicely scribbled upon in the case of a toddler, you can cut out the puppet and finger hole (or delegate to an older sibling).

Tip: Reinforce with tape or a soft band-aid if your child tends to be a little rough on things.

part of a gang of gobblers• Draw eyes and beak (or a smily face) on your child's finger with washable marker.

• Rub a chop stick or fine sandpaper around the hole to prevent a paper cut. Then demonstrate how a finger can make the turkey head and beak. We suggest lots of "nodding" and "gobbling"!

Check out our Thanksgiving tree for an activity that involves the whole family.

Do you have a favorite fall craft for kids -- one that entertains a little one while you're making the meal? We'd love to hear and see!

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