Pressured to Start Solids Too Soon?

If you're dealing with criticism from your parents or in-laws, then make sure that you and your partner present a united front! But do remember that -- as unwelcome as their advice might be -- these comments are also an indication of their concern for your baby's welfare. Grandparents can play a very special role in your children's lives and it is important to nurture and preserve this valuable relationship. So be as kind as possible -- a careful combination of tact, firmness and confidence, plus an acknowledgement of how much you value their interest in your baby's life -- will ensure that you can pursue the parenting style you choose, with no one's feelings being hurt!

Christine Albury is a mother of four and the author of Homemade Baby Food Recipes -- your complete guide to solid feeding during baby's first year. Christine has written for many other parenting sites and a regional UK magazine. Homemade Baby Food Recipes, which was recently featured by the BBC, includes a very active blog and a free monthly newsletter.

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