Preterm Labor

  • Bleeding: If you experience vaginal bleeding, a large gush or steady stream of bright red blood, IT IS AN EMERGENCY. Get help immediately, lie on your side and put your feet higher than your head. Save pads or cloths used to catch the blood.
  • Rupture of the bag of water (amniotic sac): Sometimes the bag of water around the baby will rupture prematurely. If you notice a gush of fluid or a steady trickle of fluid you should call our office. Be sure to note any color or odor that might be present in the fluid. Save pads or cloths and bring with you to the office or hospital.
  • Severe stomach pain If you have constant severe pain that does not go away when you change position, with or without contractions notify our office.

Any of the above situations may indicate an emergency, contact your office immediately.

What will happen if you are asked to go to the hospital

You may be told by one of your doctor/midwife or nurses to go to the hospital if they feel you may be experiencing preterm labor. At the hospital a nurse will take your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. A fetal monitor may be placed on your abdomen to see if you are having contractions and to check your baby`s heart rate. If you are in labor, and your provider feels your pregnancy should be prolonged, treatment may include bedrest, I.V. fluids, medications, and continued monitoring of your contractions and your baby's heart rate. If it is felt you are not in labor, or having any other problems, you may be allowed to go home.

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