Protect Kids from Holiday Stress

by Jodie Lynn

Holiday stress can take the joy out of the holidays quicker than any other natural emotion. Since women are still the largest group of individuals who plan for the holidays, they are the ones that are hit the hardest. Or, are they? Actually, kids notice the overwhelming feelings, conflict during the busy season, and also become frustrated and sad.

Plan ahead and organize to alleviate holiday stress for the whole family by getting the kids involved!

  1. Going Away: make plans now: For many, holiday time means traveling, so get started as soon as possible. If you just thought of wanting to go away for the holidays, there's still a few good prices in air, bus fare or even a group cruise fare. When people wait until the last minute to secure tickets, sometimes, various companies have last minute cancellations due to weather and/or illness or simple change of mind from another would be traveler. Research the area of where you want to go before arriving. Be sure to check out what meals are planned on any trip and find out if you might be able to substitute a healthier meal for a regular one keeping in mind that kids gain weight just as quick as anyone else does this season.

  2. Stay on Your Budget: There's no need to overspend. It might create a little extra work in the beginning to price out each item, but it will save a huge chunk of time in the end and you will be forever thankful. Researching prices of gifts online is one of the easiest ways to make comparable deals. If you find an item online and see that it is significantly different from the store price, you might order it from the online store. Things to keep in mind are the shipping and handling fee of an online store. Sometimes, the money saved will be added back in just from theses types of charges making the walk-in stores more reasonable after all. For example, did you know that if you are ordering any type of food that you can request it to be extra fresh and doubled packed for just a tad more added to the cost. It's worth it.

  3. Better Safe Than Sorry: Try to begin shopping today. Make a list and truly check it twice before your shopping trip. Write down colors, sizes, manufacture names and even the names of stores who might carry the item you are shopping for along with a couple of replacement gifts should your first priority not work out. Avoid last minute shopping and trying to make quick and haphazard decisions that neither you nor neither the individual will appreciate. Don't forget to ask for several suggestions from the kids. Have them write them on a piece of paper but do not let them know which one you will buy for sure and don't make any promises.

  4. Shopping Guilt Free: Go into a store with a specific gift in mind and stay on track. If the store doesn't have what you want, don't waste your time trying to replace it. Move on to the next item without feeling guilty. After you return home, take a little time to rethink what you might want to replace the unfound gift with and go out again another day. This provides you with an opportunity to reevaluate the situation and maybe call and reserve a specific item at another store before you brave the weather, traffic and other shoppers. One of the greatest gifts an individual can receive is a box of wonderful fruit. Make it special by finding a store that will add healthy nuts and even specific fruits to the order.

  1. Add a Tag or Initials to the Wrapped Gifts: Cut down on spending by using the same wrapping paper for many of the gifts, especially if they are leaving your house. Don't forget to tie or stick on tags with an extra piece of Scotch tape and/or turn the package over and jot down the initials of the person to whom the gift is for in the right hand corner. This ensures it goes to the right person during the hustle and bustle of delivering the gift and the tag comes off. If it's being mailed from somewhere else, you can ask that the shipper do the same on the outside of the box (add initials on the back of the box).