Pumpkin Bell Wind Chime

by Kas Winters, Mother of Family Ideas™

This is such a fun time of year, with fall festivities, Halloween, visits to the pumpkin patch and more! Let your little ones capture those special memories in a craft that can be treasured for years to come!


4 small (2") clay pots
jingle bells
orange and black acrylic paint


4 Pumpkin Bells

Paint the clay pots orange and add jack-o-lantern faces with the black paint after the orange layer is completely dry.

When the paint is dry, place pots upside down with the bases up and run a piece of twine through the hole in each base.

Tie the end of twine that is inside each pot to a jingle bell and then make a large knot just inside the hole so that it won't pull through. Make another good size knot on the outside of the hole to secure the pot. Leave about 15" of twine outside of the pot.

When you have done this with all 4 pots, tie the long ends of the twine together.

Add a little raffia to the top of each bell and put a raffia bow on top of the twine where it is tied together.

Hang outdoors for a breeze or indoors as a decoration.

Another option using just one pot:

Pumpkin Bell

Let us know if you like this craft and share pics of your version! Uncover even more Fall and Halloween Fun here!