Pumpkins with personality -- show off your baby-to-be

by Julie Snyder

Pumpkin BellyYou're pregnant on Halloween!

Here's your chance to show everyone your baby's personality.

Is your baby relaxed, accepting interruptions and noises without too much fuss?

Or is your wee pumpkin more intense, reacting with a boot and twirl at the slightest irritation?

Your belly -- the bigger the better -- can be the canvas.

Turn that bump into a pumpkin and paint it with a face that represents your baby's attitude, more 'tude the better!

Matching the face with the 'tude

Is your little one a jokester like dad? Then let go with the goofy faces. You'll find plenty of faces to choose from.

If you've got a morning baby then let the "sun" shine in by added a big ol' sun to your belly or a moon for little night owl!

If the wee punkin' is laid back and sleeps all the time then make a snuggly, sleepy face (don't forget the Zzzzz’s) and thank your lucky stars for your laid back little.

...because somewhere out there is a mommy that would like some Zzzz’s of her own. Her babe is going to be born a soccer player and thinks her ribs are the goals. She'll be painting on an excited face with a soccer ball.

If your baby makes you crave certain foods then integrate that into your pumpkin face. Show off what baby likes to eat and maybe it will help your husband understand when you hint at mint ice cream with crackers.

If you don't want a silly face on your pumpkin belly then get creative! There's no manual anywhere that says you can't paint your belly like a real jack-o-lantern with black cats, graveyards or witches on broomsticks!

The point is to have fun and make baby part of the celebration even if he isn't here yet.

Belly painting 101

Belly paints apply easily with water and remove easily with mild soap and water. Once you've gathered your paints and brushes, check out these tips from other moms.

• Cosmetic-grade, water-based paints wash off easily and are toxin-free.

• Put on old clothes and cover your lap with a towel. If the weather allows -- especially if children will be helping with the artwork -- move to the backyard.

• Use a base coat to provide a background color. If you have stretch marks, it will hide those, too.

• When you're ready to wash it off, jump in the shower.

• Store any unused paints for future use or for children's face painting projects.

Hopefully, integrating pumpkins with personality into your Halloween fun will turn that frown -- caused by rib-breaking kicks and massive amounts of heartburn -- upside down!

Will your baby bump participate in Halloween this year? How will he or she "dress up?"