Questions to Ask Your Doctor About: Anemia

by the Wiser Pregnancy team

• What are the most likely causes of my symptoms? question

• What else might cause my symptoms?

• Will you test me for anemia? Do you test everyone?

• How many times will you test me for anemia during my pregnancy?

• What does the test entail?

• Is this condition temporary or chronic?

• What potential complications does anemia pose for me and my baby?

• Will my anemia get worse during my pregnancy? Will it get better?

• When will my anemia go away?

• Is anemia something that I should worry about in future pregnancies?

• What are my treatment options? Which do you recommend?

• How effective is treatment? What are the benefits and risks of treatment?

• I have other health issues. How do they affect my anemia?

• Do you recommend any dietary changes?

• Do you have any brochures or printed material that I can take to read?

These questions are based on research published by publicly available and private medical information sources on the topic.

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