Questions to Ask When Choosing a Childbirth Education Class

by the Wiser Pregnancy team

Do a bit of research to learn about the different childbirth education classes where you live. Talk to your healthcare provider, visit your local library or search online for information about the philosophy behind various approaches. Decide the approach you prefer, then ask these questions:

• Are you a certified childbirth educator?

• How long have you been teaching?

• What other classes do you teach?

• Where do you teach classes?

• What is your childbirth philosophy?

• What will I learn in the class?

• What method of childbirth education is taught? Does the course advocate a specific childbirth approach?

• What topics does the curriculum cover?

• Are breathing and relaxation taught?

• Does the class help women and their partners create a birth plan?

• Is this course for new parents, or is it more of a refresher?

• Is my partner expected to play a role in the birth? Will the environment be welcoming and comfortable, regardless if my childbirth partner is my spouse, partner, relative or friend?

• How is each class broken down between lecture, discussion and practice?

• How much does the course costs?

• How often does the class meet?

• For how many weeks does the class meet?

• How many other couples are in the class?

• When do you recommend that pregnant women begin the class?

• How far in advance do you recommend that I register to reserve a place? Do the classes fill up quickly?

These questions are based on research published by publicly available and private medical information sources on the topic.

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