Questions to Ask Your Doctor About: Cervical Insufficiency

by the Wiser Pregnancy team

question• What does it mean to have cervical insufficiency?

• What are the consequences of cervical insufficiency?

• Who is most at risk for cervical insufficiency?

• How can I treat it?

• What are my other options? What are the risks and benefits of each?

• Is it safe to have sex if I have cervical insufficiency?

• Should I limit my physical activity? To what extent?

• Will I have to worry about cervical insufficiency in my next pregnancy?

If a cerclage (procedure where the cervix is stitched) is recommended:

• What are the benefits and risks of having a cerclage?

• Who should have a cerclage? Who shouldn’t?

• When and how is this procedure done?

• Do you perform the cerclage or will I require a specialist?

• What side effects should I expect?

• What are the miscarriage and pre-term delivery rates with and without a cerclage?

These questions are based on research published by publicly available and private medical information sources on the topic.

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