Questions to Ask Your Doctor About: Diet and Weight Loss During Pregnancy

by the Wiser Pregnancy team

question• Why is diet and appropriate weight gain during pregnancy important?

• What dietary changes should I make during pregnancy? Why?

• Should I take any prenatal vitamins or dietary supplements? Which ones and how much?

• What types of food should I be eating to maintain a healthy, balanced diet?

• What foods/substances should I limit or avoid during pregnancy? Why?

• Can you recommend a nutritionist who can help me figure out what I should be eating to stay healthy?

• I have special dietary needs (vegetarian, lactose-free, vegan, etc.). Will I need to eat anything different or take supplements?

• How can I avoid getting a food-borne illness? Am I more susceptible to getting food poisoning during pregnancy?

• What should I do if I think I have food poisoning?

• Given my pre-pregnancy weight, how much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

• About how many calories should I eat a day? Does this change throughout the pregnancy?

• How long does it typically take to lose "baby weight" after giving birth?

• If I breastfeed, what should I be eating or avoiding?

• I have ___________ (morning sickness, constipation, heartburn, etc.). Are there any dietary changes that can help ease my symptoms?

These questions are based on research published by publicly available and private medical information sources on the topic.

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