Questions to Ask Your Doctor About: Dizziness or Fainting During Pregnancy

by the Wiser Pregnancy team

questionMild dizziness can be normal, so you may not need a special appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss it. However, your doctor may have helpful suggestions about how to limit or prevent dizziness, so you should not hesitate to speak with him or her. The questions below can help guide this conversation.

• What usually causes dizziness or fainting during pregnancy?

• What unusual issues may cause dizziness/fainting?

• How serious is dizziness or fainting? When should I contact a doctor?

• What are the risks if I become dizzy or faint?

• What remedies do you recommend?

• What can I do to avoid or minimize feeling dizzy or fainting?

• Are there any signs I should pay particular attention to?

• Do I need any tests to rule out medical problems?

These questions are based on research published by publicly available and private medical information sources on the topic.

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