Read WITH Your Baby!

Make reading time safe and secure:
Baby's brain's first job is survival; not learning. Doing the thing's that help your baby feel secure, like snuggling close will relax him and allow full absorption of knowledge. Grab a favorite blanket and read both your toddler and her favorite stuffy a story. Remember that a peaceful relaxed parent makes for peaceful relaxed children.

Take center stage:
Story time is no time for a parent to be self-conscious. Reading is supposed to exciting, not dull! Release your inner child and bring up your energy level while telling the story. Change your voice when reading for different characters. Changing your tone and exaggerating will bring a story right off the pages and into their imaginations.

Early Literacy Means Good Readers

Bringing together all elements of learning will create a fertile soil for the love of reading to grow from. Taking the time to read with your child is a gift that can never be taken away from them. Most importantly, lead them by example.

Joee is a stay-at-home mom to three little, rambunctious boys. She has been many things in her past, but none more difficult or rewarding than being a mommy.

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