Reasons to be Thankful on Your Journey to Parenthood

by Teresa J. Mitchell

baby and preschool in the autumn leavesThis time of year gives pause for reflection on thankfulness and gratitude. If you're traveling on a journey to parenthood, the reasons to be thankful abound!

Enjoy these favorite Thanksgiving comments from our members who are getting pregnant, pregnant, have babies and beyond!

Dreaming of a Baby

"I'm thankful for friends who understand my baby fever even when my partner doesn't. They support me with logical argument to counter waffling when I need it and a shoulder to cry on if I'm past logic." ~Angela

"I am so incredibly grateful for the man that I married -- willing to dream with me about the family we'll have someday. Holding my hand and sharing a secret smile as we walk past the infants' department of a store; tossing out names to consider and reject as all wrong for our child. I am forever thankful for marrying my best friend!" ~Rachel

Serious About Baby Making

"It's easy to get caught up in trying to conceive, ovulation charts and pregnancy tests and forget about our blessings. I'm thankful for a place to live, food to eat and love to share...and for my wonderful friends." ~Teresa

"Ok, I’ll admit it! My partner and I are in the throes of looking to catch THE egg! I think we are celebrating enjoying the process of 'getting there!' The intimacy between us is definitely worthy of giving thanks!" ~Jenn

Growing a Baby

"My journey may not have been an easy one, but there's a small human growing in my womb. I am thankful for all my friends, family and mostly my partner for their support during this wonderful time in our lives. Thankful that they understand my body, hormones and emotions are going through some major changes and sometimes I just simply need a nap." ~Megan

"This year, I'm thankful for a miracle taking place. I'm fascinated with following the wonderment of my baby developing into this perfect human being -- wriggling fingers and toes, waving at me on the ultrasound, with his own personality yet to be revealed. I can’t wait to welcome him to the world – and next year, and all of those to come – to give thanks for my son being a part of my life!" ~Pamela

Our Sharing Birth Mom

"You are giving us the most unselfish gift a person can give, our son/daughter. I am thankful to know you as a person and as our child’s birth mother. I am thankful that you see in us as the safe loving environment you want for your child." ~Wendy

"We're celebrating this Thanksgiving as parents of a precious little one. We had an amazing journey that took us across the world and back again. We're thankful to open our home, our lives, and our hearts -- all from the choice of life made by another thousands of miles away!" ~Katie

A Safe Birth

"After a difficult pregnancy, I found myself on bedrest from 27 weeks on. I worried daily if "today" was it and the risks an early birth would present for my baby. Weighing into the balance was my blood pressure, spiking and becoming unresponsive to drugs until the last possible moment. While I still delivered early, I am very grateful for having a safe delivery. Both mommy and baby are fine!" ~Jodi

"After hours of labor and even more pushing, we knew that our baby wasn't going to be arrive as we had dreamed and planned. While I still feel that twinge of disappointment in our birth, when I saw our child’s heart decelerate to dangerous levels, I know that having a c-section was what was in the best interest of my child. I'm thankful the skilled doctors and caregivers who acted quickly and after a few exciting moments, delivered our bouncing baby girl safely!" ~Alison

A Snuggling Newborn

"I gaze into the eyes of my newborn, play with those little toes and host evening cuddle-fests and awe at the wonder of it all. And then you cry and I'm thankful for my birth board, the advice, the compassion and the companionship." ~Krystal

"I am thankful for the squishy warmth of your little face. Thankful our day has finally come and you've entered our family. I know you will grow out of this stage quickly, but today I'm thankful to be able to snuggle and smell your sweet baby smells. You're so precious to us, and I am sure our whole family feels the same way." ~Chelsea

Baby's Emerging Personality

"You've transitioned from newborn to a baby and you're learning new things everyday. I'm so thankful to be able to show you how to blow kisses and raspberries. Soon, you'll patty cake, crawl, walk and RUN. I'm thankful for your health and your little chubby hands as they squeeze the sides of my face. I love seeing the changes and growth every day, knowing that we help mold you into the adult you will become." ~Lauren

A Terrific Toddler

"I'm grateful for the 'no's.' Though at times he's irrational, I'm thankful that this child is developing a sense of self and the confidence to express it. I'm also thankful (most of the time) for the opportunity to develop patience." ~Julia

Big Kids

"I am thankful for looking. Looking at my children as they grow, stretch, and create themselves. They are so young and are already amazing people. I am thankful that I get to experience life outside of myself through the beauty that is child." ~Christina

"Your first step into a school atmosphere and I'm so thankful for your acceptance of change. It was hard at first, but soon school became a thing of excitement and joy. I am thankful for your teachers. As I tuck you in bed, I'm thankful to be able to read to you and help you pick out the words you're starting to recognize. You're still my baby (and will be for years to come), but I'm thankful to see you grow into a beautiful person." ~Melissa

What are you thankful for this year? Share as many ideas as you'd like!

From our house to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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