Recipe: Ducky Cupcakes

by Caitlyn Stace

Rubber Ducky CupcakesTransform a simple cupcake into a quacktacular treat!

Invite these cheery ducklings to a baby shower, birthday party, an Easter brunch or even to the celebration of Rubber Duckie's birthday. It's coming right up according to Ernie from "Sesame Street." He loves his rubber ducky and we do too!

Who wouldn't love this "raft" of duckies paddling across the platter! You don't have to be an artist to have fun making these mini masterpieces!

Ducky Cupcakes

Prep time: 25 minutes | Total time: 40 minutes | Yield: 24 cupcakes


• 24 cupcakes baked in yellow liners (we recommend carrot cake cupcakes)
• 12 large marshmallows, cut in half diagonally with scissors
• 24 donut holes
• Vanilla frosting
• Yellow food coloring or food color paste
• Orange fruit chews
• Mini m&m's®


Frost a cupcake: Tint 3/4 of the frosting bright yellow. Spoon the yellow frosting into a microwavable measuring cup, cover and set aside. Spoon two tablespoon of the vanilla frosting into a decorating or small ziplock bag and set aside. Spread some of the remaining vanilla frosting on top of a cupcake.

Build a ducky: With a pointed knife, gouge out a small cavity in a donut hole to hold the beak. Place it on one side for the head, beak hole facing outward and upward. Arrange a cut marshmallow, pointed end up on the edge on the opposite side. Repeat to make the desired number of heads-up ducks.

To make a bottoms-up duck, place a cut marshmallow in the center a cupcake, pointed end up. Eat the donut hole -- you've worked up an appetite by now! (Later you'll add two chewy candy feet.)

Use vanilla frosting to fill in gaps around the donut hole and marshmallow. Place the cupcakes in the freezer for 15 minutes, or until slightly frozen.

Beaks and feet: Meanwhile, make beaks for heads up duckies and feet for the bottoms up ones. For the beaks, cut orange fruit chews in half. Microwave a few seconds to soften Shape each piece into an oval, fold almost in half and shape to look like an open beak.

For the feet, cut the fruit chews in half on the diagonal. Flatten each piece into a small triangle. Shape to make the webbed feet. Score with a small knife. Put beaks and feet in the frig to solidify.

Dipping ducks: Microwave the yellow frosting, stirring every 10 seconds. When it has the texture of lightly whipped cream (40 to 60 seconds), remove a cupcake from the freezer. Hold the cupcake by its paper bottom and dip it into the yellow frosting just up to the liner.

Hold upside down a few seconds to allow the excess frosting to drip off back into the cup. Turn right side up and place on cooling rack. Repeat with the remaining cupcakes. If the frosting gets too thick, reheat for several seconds.

Decorating time! Place a beak on the front of each hole head, gently pressing into its hole. Insert the pointed end of the feet at the base of the tail on the bottoms-up cupcakes. Snip a tiny corner from the bag of vanilla frosting. Pipe a white dot on either side of the head for the eyes and add the mini candies.

Cook's Note

Add the tails and beaks just before serving. The chewy candies tend to wilt at room temperature. Happy Birthday, Rubber Ducky!

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