Recipe: Edible Orange and Strawberry Flowers

by Sana Sandström

Orange FlowersWe all know that fruits are chocked full of wonderful health benefits. The host of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants offer protection from stress on your body, diseases, and a variety of cancers. They also help boost immunity. All of this within a colorful, naturally sweet package!

Then why on earth is it such a battle to get kids to eat enough of them to meet even the minimum daily suggestions? You'll want to offer and eat a variety as each fruit comes with a wallop of different nutrients.

One way to help address this challenge is to make snack time the ultimate together time. It's so much more fun when you can not only eat the snack, but create the edible masterpiece first.

Discover ways to turn healthy snacks into eye-candy a child -- or adult -- can't resist. Our edible orange and strawberry flowers are bound to surprise and delight taste palates for all ages!

Fun Foods for Kids: Orange and Strawberry Flowers

Prep time: 10 minutes | Total time: 10 minutes | Yield: 10 flowers

Here's What You'll Need

• 10 clementine, Mandarin or other easy-to-peel oranges
• 10 small strawberries, raspberries or blackberries
• Fresh mint leaves

How to Create the "Flowers"

Rinse the strawberries and set aside to drain dry.

Peel the oranges. Leaving the segments connected at the navel end, carefully separate each orange into sections. Put the oranges on a serving dish or on individual plates. Open each orange into a "flower."

Place a berry center in each flower. Garnish your creation with mint leaves. Serve with string cheese and berry butterflies.

Add extra kid appeal by having your child help put these together!

What creative ways do you present fruits that entice your family's consumption?

Cook's Note

If you carefully score the peel into sections, beginning at the stem end and cut most of the way down, you'll be able to make a decorative flower from the peel.

To loosen the peeling, work your fingers between the orange and peel. Remove the orange from the orange's naval. Spread the peel out to dry.

Use these in a wreath, hang on the tree or use as part of an aroma therapy concoction.

Did you have fun making these delicious treats?


MissyJ's picture

Submitted by MissyJ on

These were super fun for the kids to create (and I had a blast watching them have a blast! LOL)

They got creative trying various berries and even grapes in the center.

As the weather has been so miserably hot here, we covered the tray and popped them in the freezer for about 30 minutes to an hour. They were a definite cooler treat and enjoyed (or should I say INHALED!!) by all!