Recipe: National Backwards Day mixed-up menu

by Mollee Bauer

Savory Scramble Egg MuffinsHave you ever just woke up one morning saying to yourself, "Wouldn't it be funny to really mess with my beloved family and make it a backwards kinda day?" Well, you're in luck!

National Backwards Day comes once a year on January 31. Break up winter boredom, start new family traditions and let you and your kids' imaginations run wild!

For this feast, it's all about eating your meals backwards -- dinner in the morning, breakfast in the evening. Hey, you can eat dessert first!

While you're enjoying your backwards meal, try saying the alphabet backwards, or even creating a backwards exercise challenge to see who can do the most backwards somersaults (you might want to warn the pets!).

Backwards Day mixed-up menu

Dinner for breakfast

Who says you can't have dinner for breakfast? What would be the fun in that? We suggest a nutritious meal that still gets everyone going but won't put them all back to bed!

Start with a leafy green salad and combine it with your choice of these entrees: Cookie-cutter PB and J Sandwiches, Buffalo Chicken Tenders, or a Hearty Pizza.

For dessert, which you could very easily eat first, try these Fruity Kebabs the kids could help create.

Breakfast for dinner

Just because you have dinner for breakfast doesn't mean you can't keep the fun going at dinner time. In fact we insist! We're betting you won't get too many complaints with these suggestions:

Cook up some Savory Scrambled Egg Muffins or Baked Eggs with Herbs as your main course.

Not into eggs for the evening? How about some Gluten-Free Oatmeal Pancakes or scrumptious Layered Chocolate Crepes? We're positive no one will go to bed hungry!

You can wash everything down with a delicious glass of Blackberry lemonade iced tea or other family favorite.

What's on your menu? Share in the comments!

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.