Recipe: New Year's Eve buffet appetizers and finger foods

5. Prepare your last minute treats. Put together the last minute dishes.

4. Put out ice and the drinks. You might prefer to fill glasses with ice cubes or provide an ice bucket.

3. Plop it on the table. Then step back and give yourself a pat on the back. You might want to take a picture before the hungry horde attacks!

2. Get your guests into the action. Have a mini-hoagie bar with toppings like pulled pork coleslaw, cold cuts, sliced cheese, condiments, olives, mushrooms, tomato, peppers and romaine.

3. Mix and mingle. You'll have a while before anything needs refilled or replaced. Enjoy your party.

2. Check the buffet, and refill or refresh dishes if needed.

1. Toast in the New Year! Grab a noise maker and get your glasses ready.

Do you have a traditional dish that you serve on New Year's Eve?

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.