Recipe: Pumpkin spice latte with biscotti

by Julie Snyder

Pumpkin LatteAre you baking with pumpkin today? Set aside a few tablespoons of puree and sip on a latte that will rival any you get at your local coffee shop!

If you're like me, you eagerly wait for pumpkin spice latte to show up on the menu each fall. Make your own at home and you can enjoy them all year long.

There's another advantage. You can control the ingredients and tweak them to your liking. Our recipe makes up two regular-sized lattes -- one for you and one for a friend...if you're willing to share the goodies.

Recipe: Pumpkin latte with biscotti

Prep time: 5 minutes | Total time: 15 minutes | Yield: 1 to 2 servings


• 1 cup milk
• 2 tablespoons canned pumpkin puree
• 1 teaspoon sugar or sugar substitute, more or less to taste
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
• 1/4 cup of espresso or 1/2 cup of strong brewed coffee
• Whipped cream
• A cinnamon stick and fresh shaved nutmeg for garnish


If you have an espresso maker, jump down for instructions. But if you don't, it's time to get your coffee brewing now. Make the coffee double- or triple-strength.

Meanwhile, combine the milk, pumpkin and sugar in a bowl. Microwave on high until steamy, approximately one to two minutes, stirring every 30 seconds.

Add the pumpkin pie spice and vanilla extract. Blend or whisk until the milk mixture is frothy. Gently add your coffee or espresso to the milk.

Fill the mugs about 2/3 full. Top with whipped cream and garnish your pumpkin spice latte with a cinnamon stick and a twist of fresh shaved nutmeg.

Espresso instructions: If you have a steam wand on your espresso maker, combine milk, pumpkin, sugar, vanilla and spice, and froth it up.

Once you've achieve a nice head, sink the wand in to heat the milk. Make your espresso. Add it to the milk mixture and stir. Garnish as above.

Serve it with crunchy biscotti or enjoy a cup all on its own.

Cook's Note

Did you know you could make pumpkin latte in the slow cooker? You can and it tastes like the real thing! Start with the coffee or espresso and milk. Wisk in the pumpkin puree, spices, sugar and vanilla. Cover and cook on high for 2 hours.

Give it another good whisk and ladle into mugs. Garnish it with whipped cream and a twist of freshly ground nutmeg or add a cinnamon stick.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.