Romantic Date Ideas during Pregnancy

by Savannah Hernandez and Tabatha Jones

sunsetThis may be one of your last chances to spend a romantic evening with your significant other before you have your blessed baby. Spend the day pampering yourself and put on your favorite maternity dress – even if you have to buy one. Feeling good about yourself affects your attitude and you deserve to feel beautiful. Here are some ideas to make this a date to remember by showing your partner just how much you care.

Sunset picnic -– Find a romantic spot with a great view of the sunset and pack his favorite dinner to go. One of the most romantic dates is an evening alone watching the sunset.

Favorite restaurant delivery -– Even if they don't deliver, drop it off to his office at the front desk. If your spouse has to work on Valentine's Day send him a special meal sealed with a romantic note of the evening you are planning.

Love notes hidden in balloons -– Make 10 love notes of why you love your spouse and put them in the balloons before you have them blown up. Leave a note that tells him to pop the balloons.

Love coupons -- Good for one: full body massage, dance in the rain, romantic dinner for two, champagne and cuddling by the fire, a kiss anytime, anywhere.

"Meet me" hunt -– Start by leaving a big note on the dining table sending him to another location. At that location leave a gift with another note which goes on until you finally send him to where you are with a surprise for him.

A romantic bath -– Light candles and cover the tub with rose pedals and bath suds.

Delivery -– Send your spouse a love letter in an envelope filled with hearts and kisses. Don't write a return address if you live together. Ask him to get the mail.

Massage for two -– Make an appointment for you to share a couple’s massage.

Maternity photo shoot -– Set up a studio in your home where you leave the camera for him and you are waiting wearing a sheet alone.

Application for love -- Write a cover letter and resume applying for the position to be his wife. In the cover letter explain why you want to apply for the position. Fill your resume with a history of events and good times you have spent together.

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Submitted by coreym on

Thank you for these great ideas. I met my fiance after I got pregnant when I decided to comb through some online dating sites. We were in love from the first date, and he stepped into a fatherly role so quickly I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I've been feeling guilty lately (as my due date nears) that because I was pregnant when he first met me, we didn't have the opportunity to romance the way a new couple should have. These are some great ideas that I'll be sure to surprise him with!