Romantic Tips for Parents

by Bette G. Rinehart

Romantic Tips for ParentsOnce upon a time, in the far distant past, before kids, Valentine's Day meant hearts and flowers.

This year you'll probably just smile at each other over your wee ones be they newborn or bigger. For instance, you could be watching your toddler sample a nibble of chocolate, probably wearing it more than eating it.

What happened to romance?

Where did it go?

Ah, parenthood -- the romance killer. But is it?

Whether you're first-time parents or have been around the block, romance for parents happens during those in-between moments.

Watch for these golden opportunities and help romance sprout, blossom, and grow in your relationship.

Our "Tip List" can help you make the most of each moment.

Our Romantic Tips for New Parents

Have a "Sleep Date"

What could be more romantic than spending a few hours snuggled in your love's arms? Back when you were dating, that's all you longed for. Now parenthood-enforced sleep deprivation brings that desire back to the top of your list. Planning a sleep date might entail hiring a babysitter or bribing the grandparents to host a sleep-over for the kids.

Start the Day with a Lover's Breakfast

Get up before a child stirs and share a batch of "hearty" pancakes or cranberry scones. Take advantage of the opportunity to chat over a cup of coffee, sans interruptions.

Share Sensuality

Once the baby is down, share a hot bath for the two of you, complete with candles and bubbles. Give a full-body massage with no expectations. Enjoy touching one another and should it lead further, enjoy the benefits!

Dinner and Dancing

Create a favorite dinner together. Go ahead, splurge. You can even make something *gasp* unhealthy. Light a candle, smile a lot, enjoy. Pat your tot's head. Then head to the living room and dance together.

Reminisce About the Past

With a new baby, the past tends have short roots. No kids, nice restaurant, precious time together! You spend at least 80 percent of your time together talking about the baby. It's a normal part of new parenthood. Try to elevate your conversation beyond the diaper to your wee one's dimply smile.

10 Things I Love About You

Make a list of the sexiest things about your partner -- the ones that brought you together: those long lean thighs, chocolate brown eyes, a soft touch on your forearm, the contagious laugh, that wink and raised eyebrow...

Now add to those special parenting memories to your list: the gentle hand on your baby's head, the care-free playfulness...

"One of the most romantic things anyone ever did for me was change an explosive diaper...even after WINNING the rock-paper-scissors game." ~Chelsea, member

Do you have a "romantic" moment that tops this? Please share in the comments.

The Parenting Season

This is just a season in your lives. Think of it as a plant -- dormant and awaiting spring. Pour on the warmth of your love and add nourishment by making the most of those everyday moments. You'll find that together you'll push past this stage and have your romance flourish!

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