Royal Baby Watch - Countdown is on!

by Melissa Jaramillo

Royal Baby Watch

The final days (hours?) are ticking away as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge await the royal babe's arrival! During this time, Kate Middleton has retreated from the public eye. Can't say that we blame her. Most veteran moms will attest that towards the end of their pregnancy they felt bombarded by an annoying equivalent "are we there yet" phrase. Dealing with that from family and friends is enough to drive you mad. Doing so with the paparazzi counting how many times you go to the bathroom, grimace, or rub your belly – yeah, we'd go into hiding as well… or risk arrest for throttling the next reporter that asked "and how are *we* feeling today?" (Insert rolling eyes!)

Since Kate is likely spending some of her time browsing online, we thought we would pull together some tips she may find useful to pass the time. (We commoners can use these ideas as well!)


The mom-to-be may want to take up scrapbooking. Kate could create a special memory book of pages documenting her pregnancy – adding in baby's first pic (ultrasound), maybe of trips taken, one on how they shared the news with the grands, (and esp. with Great Grandma - the Queen!), and another to describe her thoughts on becoming a parent.

A second suggestion would be to prepare special layouts in advance for after baby's arrival. (Kate - creating these now will save you time after your little one is there to keep you busy! All that will be missing are the images that you can add in easily… or have William do that part!) Suggested pages may include "Coming Home", "Lullabies" , "We are Family", "Napping with Daddy", "Splish Splash" (first bath), etc.

Tip – some of the most treasured memories are when you capture those 'everyday' little moments.

Host a "Pamper Session"

While the choice has been made to stay at home, that doesn't mean you must be isolated. Invite over your favorite gal pals and host a pampering session. Either have someone on hand to do hair, make-up, and nails - or do one another's like back when you were teens! (Perhaps avoid any outrageous styles just in case you do go into labor… unless you're willing to pack your sense of humor to delivery.) The idea is to relax and unwind together. Don't forget to have your favorite snacks on hand - or the local pizza delivery's phone number!

Thinking of jump starting labor?

There are a number of ways to naturally induce labor. The best tend to invite your partner to take part – and we're bet William will be eager to 'help' out! Exercise can play a key role – just don't overdo. One mom swears by cranking up some favorite tunes to get moving with a private dance party in the living room. More 'intimate' choices involve nipple stimulation, perineal massage, and - last but not least - sexual intercourse!

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Additional "Things to do while waiting for D-day"