Royal baby watch -- Due date revealed!

by Melissa Jaramillo

Royal due date revealed! Let the fun begin!

Royal Due DateJuly it is! St. James Palace announced today that the expectant parents -- Duchess Catherine (still often referred to as "Princess Kate") and hubby, Duke ("Prince") William, are due to welcome their little one mid-July! This puts Kate at approximately thirteen - fourteen weeks pregnant.

At this stage, Kate should be moving past that awful bout of hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness). Having suffered with this personally, (multiple times - ugh), I know the awesome relief at being able to have more of an appetite, renewed energy, and feeling that you are actually part of the human race versus a permanent bathroom fixture.

Kate (and William) will find the second trimester lives up to its nickname of the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy.

As she continues to build her strength, Kate might find this time perfect for travel or short jaunts about the country. As an additional positive side benefit, many women find those pregnancy hormones now enable them to feel somewhat sexier -- breasts become fuller, hair more voluminous, and a heightened awareness of their femininity that they channel in the bedroom. Wink

The royal couple may also find this trimester a great period to work on planning baby's nursery. What fun will be involved in selecting items for their baby registry! Practically anything in the world could be on there!

Can you imagine a home birth for the royal couple? Probably not -- but this is the time for Kate to consider all her options as she develops a birth plan. In doing so, she can maintain some control to achieve her desired birth experience.

The new royal addition will surely enjoy having a hands-on mum or dad as both parents seem firmly grounded and excited about their new roles. If the proud parents-to-be are wondering what is going on with the heir, they should check out our Fetal Development area!

By the end of week fourteen, they would find the babe approximately 3.42 inches (8.7cm) long and weighing about 1.52 ounces (43 grams.) That's about the same weight as a letter, (which by the way Kate -- we'd love to hear from you anytime!) If they could peek in via ultrasound, they may catch a glimpse of baby practicing inhaling/exhaling… balling up fists… and perhaps even sucking his/her thumb! I actually have that type of image captured for one of my sons at this stage! Too cute!

As great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth seems to be eager to welcome this new baby as well! Choosing the occasion of Kate's 31st birthday, the Queen confirmed that whatever the sex, the infant will be given the title of "Royal Highness" and be known as "Prince" or "Princess" followed by their given name. This is huge for a little girl on the way as it removes any 'gender' obstacles to the throne for the first born. Farewell sibling rivalry! Boy or girl -- this child will be third in line to the throne!

The excitement will continue to build for all of us as the months tick by. Throughout the world, people will continue to weigh in on names, guesses for gender and the bookies are making a fortune on bets for the actual birth date! Just for fun, why not share your predictions in the comments below!

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Smile Kristi -- that would be great! Your daughter is already a *princess* and could give them some tips!

I'm curious... Do you sense that there is almost going to be a disappointment if the baby *is* a boy given the change for removal of the gender restriction for the line to the throne?