Saint Patrick's Day Baby Names

by Brodie Nepean

St. Patrick's Day Baby NamesDoes your due date fall near Saint Patrick's Day? You might consider a holiday-inspired baby name for your magical wee one coming soon!

Names like Patrick or Patricia come to mind first -- it is Saint Patrick's Day after all. Today, Patrick or Patricia have all kinds of opportunities for different spellings, derivations and unexpected nicknames.

For boys, try these variations: Padraic, Paton or Patten. Alternatives for baby girls include: Patrice, Tricia and Trish. Pat works for either gender as a strong name and nickname.

Saint Patrick's Day means more than celebrating with green clothing, beer and cupcakes if you're of Irish descent. Your baby's name can reflect the depth of your family's Irish history. While the holiday began as a day for spiritual renewal, it has come to be associated with everything Irish -- green, gold, shamrocks and luck.

Fun, Unique and Irish Names

If you love this festive holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day baby names can be as unique as they are festive. Cities celebrate with parades, "wearing of the green," music and songs, Irish food and drink, and kids' activities. Some communities even go so far as to dye rivers or streams green!

Green Color Baby Names

People wear green on Saint Patrick's Day and the country's referred to as the Emerald Isle. We invite you to peep at baby names through "green-colored glasses" this time. You can open a crayon box and see a lush selection of greens to choose from -- Sage, Beryl, Kelly, Jade, Olive, Emerald, Teal and Cyan. Some parents go for the earthy names like Clover, Fern, Ivy, Jasper, Leif, Myrtle or Willow.

Feeling Lucky?

Are you looking for a baby name that symbolizes luck? Why not choose Chance, Serendipity, Destiny or Clover for your wee "pot o' gold" at the end of the rainbow?

Traditional Irish Names

From Aidan to Teagan, there's no shortage of rich Irish baby names to get your feet dancing a jig. Here are some of our favorites and their quick meanings:

Boys Names
• Aiden: Fiery
• Brayden: Broad valley
• Killian: Strife
• Quinlan: Strong
• Sean: Gift from God

Girl's Names
• Ashlynn: Vision
• Deirdre: Wanderer
• Fiona: White or fair
• Riley: Rye
• Tullia: Quiet and peaceful

Surnames as First Names

Look at the current popular baby names and you'll find Irish surnames like Ryan, Riley, Connor, Quinn and Brennan. We predict that longer and more flowing names will gain popularity over the next few years. Keep a watch on these soon-to-be trending options:

Donegan: Literally meaning dark-haired man, is the Anglicized form of Donnagán' (possibly Donald).

Finnigan: An extension of Finn, this name is from a warrior in Irish mythology. He has mystical supernatural powers and is known for his wisdom and generosity. Will & Grace star, Eric McCormack and Janet Holden used this for their son.

Kennelly: A modern form of Kenneth (born of fire).

Garrity or Garrison: An alternative to Garrett, meaning spear or strength.

Rafferty: This upbeat name means "rich" or "property wielder" in Gaelic. Jude Law and Sadie Frost named their son Rafferty.

With these ideas, your baby name pot o' gold should be overflowing with inspiration. We'll leave you to your creative brainstorming with this old Irish blessing, "May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go."

Do you have an Irish baby name you love? Add it in comments!

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